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  1. 9I'll check it out when I get home. I'm not even sure if I have a emergency stim on me. I'll try resting again. EDIT: hey everyone reading this later! I tried what Sceh said. I was lucky enough to have one emergency stim in my inventory. I went to the base of the rope at Many Falls Vista. I popped the stim and it let me climb the rope with broken ribs. It wore off just at the top and I was worried it would just drop me back to the bottom. I didn't stop at the ledge/lodge half way up. Doing that would have stranded me there.. but I made it and now my guy is safe. I've even already come back to get the items I couldn't carry out the first time.
  2. I'll check it out when I get home. I'm not even sure if I have a emergency stim on me. I'll try resting again.
  3. I'm down in a valley in HRV. My guy was attacked by a moose and now has broken ribs. I waited 119 of 120 hours but that last hour will not clear because I am unable to use 1 bandage and 3 more painkillers. I can't climb out. I've ran around that section of valley like a rat in a maze trying to find some way out or a hidden stash that might help. I found some rose hips but one bush isn't enough for 4 painkillers. You should be able to clear the time limits with out the painkillers. The moose ruin my bear bed roll so I had to sacrifice clothes to make a snow shelter. I would hate to die on this valley just because of an odd game mechanic.
  4. Wells I'm not dead yet but it's only a matter of time. My guy is in HRV by Moose Overlook. He just climbed down from the mysterious signal fire. To make weight for the rope he dropped stuff that he didn't think he needed this included rose hips, 20 cloth. While trying to find a way back up the other side he notices a moose grazing in the snow. It doesn't see him. He has the high ground above the moose lining up his head shot. The arrow hits the moose but that only makes him angry. The moose charges beating him with his hooves. His ribs are broken. He retreats to heal his wounds and take stock of his inventory. His bear hide bed roll is ruined he has no cloth or painkillers to bandage his wounds. He's trapped in this valley with no way to climb out. Eventually his bow will break and he will no longer be able to hunt for food.the gear that he does have mocks him with no workbench to create any new items. With no bedroll he was forced to sacrifice some of his clothes to be able to make a snow shelter to rest. But maybe he can survive by throwing stones at rabbits.
  5. This seems like a neat idea. Maybe we can make poisoned arrows why have "simple arrows" instead of just "arrows". They could make it ruin a % of the meat. Old tribes seem to be able to poison animals for food just fine.