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  1. This exploit of starving tactic makes survival too easy even on Interloper level. It lets you pass the 500+ days mark with very few resources. (And let me remind that 500 days = 1 year and 4 months). You just can't starve yourself for so long without getting any permanent damage. In real life, if you starve yourself by this method, you will last for long enough, but after around 50 days you will get to the point when you lose about 25-35% of your body weight which, puts your life in danger. It's the stage when your body have consumed all the fat you had in you, and now starts consuming muscles, including your hurt, which grants you the risk of organ failure and the following death. My proposal of how to fix this exploit is to add body weight in the game, which will affect the survival experience in the long run. The Idea if you starve for 72 hours, you will get the opposite effect of "Well fed" - "Starving" (-5kg carry, minus some amount of permanent health and you start to lose weight) When you continue to starve for long periods of time, you will reach your minimal weight and on your status bar will occur "Organ failure risk", which will gain percents (similar to "hypothermia risk"). As the 1% of the "organ failure risk" occurs, you are no longer able to regain fatigue at all. It means, you become very weak and your health bar will drain quicker. It will make this situation very dangerous and players will not be able to exploit it so much as they do it right now. And so on. If you keep yourself fed for 72 hours+, there occurs the known bonus for additional health and weight that you can carry. Now in addition to it, as long as you keep this bonus active, you will gain the weight back to the normal mark and maybe even more (?) Cheers.