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  1. Yeeees! Never found!! I have hope now! Thanks Corso
  2. During my 4DON i found a expedition parka with multiples colors and with a big temperature protection. Do you think that it is existing in survival mode? 🤔
  3. You are preparing a party? Let's take a short drink!
  4. Not yet i was playing the two last chapters. I don’t forget you
  5. I'll take you a screenshot from there when i'll go in hushed river valley. For the moment, i'm in pleasant valley...
  6. In a cave in hushed river valley where you can look at the second mysterious signal fire?
  7. You are very good and fast!! I was almost sure that it should be in Hushed River Valley.
  8. Wall done! Hum i’ve got an idea but i need to confirm in playing... Stay tuned!
  9. Guess what!!! I have loaded my game and taken a look around to realize this : I have been in Paradise meadows farm since many weeks but i never noticed this rack! Let's guess this other one :