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  1. One thing to note there, is they'd have to create a suitably sized persistent partition, which isn't directly covered by the walkthrough. Then install steam and the game.
  2. That's rather disappointing. Still, I think OP could also do that. Ubuntu on a stick isn't hard.
  3. Might be possible for OP to boot a 64Bit linux distro off a usb device(hard disk, fast flash disk) and run TLD off that, without touching his main OS. Some modern 64Gb/128Gb flash disks perform OK. I'm yet to get TLD running in Linux. Need some time to play around.
  4. It's from the book the Mythical Man-Month, if I'm not mistaken. Good read for S/W engineers and PMs.
  5. Thank you for the answer, @Raphael van Lierop As as KSP player, I'm tempted to keep my explanation, at least for sandbox games. Though the flaw is the tidal forces would likely break the planet apart. It adds to the atmosphere of the last man alive eking out an existence on the edge of the abyss... Wait. This fits my grand conspiracy theory!
  6. So I registered to ask this question. First of all, great game and I'm enjoying it loads. One thing I did notice though is that the stars look wrong on one side of the sky - that is one one side you get sharp defined points and on the other side they're "stretched" elongated - sort of like they're seen through a strong gravity source that's bending the light. This bugs me - as it feels like part of the story, but could legitimately be a bug. Is this my PC(I'm playing on an ultra widescreen monitor, but my resolution is set correctly, and everything else seems scaled right)? Or is it a bug in the skybox/unity? Or, and hear me out here, is a strong gravitational source the reason why it's always winter, but never Christmas? I'm not sure how the physics or orbital mechanics would work yet (the sun still rises and sets, so the planet still spins), but if something was pulling the planet away from the sun winter would never end. Time would also flow differently for the sun and the earth if the gravity well was deep enough. I've attached parts of a screenshot taken on the same night (just facing different directions) to illustrate what I mean.