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  1. I would like to propose a crafted item.

    A thermo-cup. There´s a drinks dispenser at the Orca gas station, cups and lids are laying around. Maybe we could combine one of these cups with a can and add a lid...

    What do you think? Could it be a usefull item to have? Even if it´s just for early game, so you could warm yourself with a sip of hot tea?

  2. These have probably been mentioned before. I searched for the term and didn´t get a direct match, so I´m reiterating my wish for these items.

    The first is a dropable pole-drag, neary double the carry capacity, but they slow you down unless on level ground. Made from salvaged metal fence poles (from the Carter Dam, for example) or tall saplings, this would be helpful when carrying things like car batteries. Also, if you need to run, you can drop the end and become faster.

    My second wish is for an early game weapon, a craftable sling-shot. More acurate than a hand thrown stone, all it takes to craft is a stick and a strip of leather (or elastic from old underwear).

  3. I have an idea for 2 Challenges/Badges which could be linked. Inspired by movies.

    1. The Sound of Music challenge - Climb Every Mountain. Not sure what benefit the badge would bring, maybe a better chance of completing a climb?

    2. Light The Beacons! (from LotR) - Light a fire on top of every mountain. Suggestions for rewards welcome on this one.

    I´ve made these suggestions in a light-hearted manner. I enjoy a little whimsy now and then.

  4. Whether it be from Car seats or something else. I do think that being able to improvise a bedroll should be possible. In fact, now that we have the community hall with a stage and very large curtains, why not?

    Having said that, there are already lots of places to sleep indoors if you don´t have a bedroll, there are even some caves with a "bed" inside.

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  5. I like the idea of opening up the stories to the comunity. 

    I would also like to see a kind of running tally. Sometimes I forget if I´ve already visited a cairn, so a reminder "I´ve been here before" or " got that scence of De Ja Vous". Would be welcome.


  6. 9 hours ago, UTC-10 said:

    Probably need a microwave though perhaps a controlled electrical food warmer/oven might do the trick. If the devs would just let us have one.  

    And I´m guessing that this would only work on nights there´s an aurora in the sky.

    Hmm. irl, I would try warming it up in a pot full of water, kinda like boil in the bag rice. Can´t do that in the game though. 😕

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  7. On 11/20/2019 at 4:36 AM, kristaok said:

    not sure necessarily about oats

    If you mix oats with a little water, you can cook it straight on the hot stones and get oat biscuits. They´re very bland, but make a great travel food because they´re light.

    If you´re clever enough you can get Pancakes out of oats (no eggs required).

    Because oats have a neutral taste you can add them to soups and stews as a thickener.

    Just saying, oats are a pretty versatile cereal. 

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  8. 4 hours ago, Calico said:

    This bit of added complexity is what I'm hoping for in the future for the cooking mechanic. Being able to combine food items into simple recipes  would add a nice bit of verisimilitude to the game.

    I agee with this. 

    There have been quite a few discussions about food, adding items, recipes, calorie balance, and item balancing.

    I´m keen to see if the dev team take this into the game in the future, however, I think they´re focusing on other things right this moment and we could be waiting a while for it.

    Happy roaming peeps. 😉

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  9. Here´s another example.

    If I didn´t have a bedroll but found a bunch of coats, I´d put those together. I think the Urban parker is long enough that 2 would cover a person sufficiently.

    I might also break things down differently. I might make boot top coverings (just from ankle to boot top or knee) from old ski pants for extra waterproofing. 

    I like your thinking on the plastic bottles Looper.

    Broken down cans could help with the protective sleeve ajb.

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  10. If you found yourself in the situation in real life, and were presented with the same tools/supplies, what things would you put to unusual uses?

    For example, i recently started a sandbox and for the first 2 days i couldn´t find any gloves, just loads of socks. In real life i would just put a pair of socks on my hands, in the game i had to break down 4 pairs of socks to make improvised hand coverings.

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  11. There are quite a few suggestions for additional or alternative food items in the wishlist forum.

    I think it most likely that dried/powdered foods be added, should the developers choose.

  12. I'm sorry that a scumbag chose to get behind the wheel of a car and that the result was your son's injury.

    Alcohol didn't do that. Human choice did that. An incredibly dangerous choice. 

    Once again, I'm sorry for your family's pain.

    I know how alcohol and addiction can destroy lives. My aunt was an alcoholic, she died of liver failure, thankfully she never had a driving license. My cousin, by a different aunt, died of a drug overdose, he had been using for 20 years and developed schizophrenia because of it.

    I personally drink very little these days, maybe one or two beers at the weekend (one on Friday, one on Saturday). When my husband and I go out, we choose who drives home and that person doesn't touch a drop.

    Getting back to alcohol in the game. I'm still on the fence. But, leaning towards, it doesn't do anything for gameplay.

  13. Yeah. That's what I thought. 

    The pot would have to be in a main base with the pc never leaving the immediate vicinity.

    We would need a proper greenhouse to grow anything really.

  14. There are plant pots with soil dotted around the place. 

    You would just need to keep it watered and near a window, maybe herbs or something?

  15. hmm. It seems to me that the biggest problem people have with this idea, is introducing the concept of over-indulgence.

    What if it was only available in miniatures, like you might find in a hotel or something? Or, what if there was a limit of 1 shot to be consumed in a 24 hour period?

    I agree that alcohol should not be glorified, but neither should it be demonized. 

    I also agree that alcohol shouldn´t be used in the game as a "strength potion". However, when a small amount is added to a cup of herbal tea, and provided you happen to be in a safe place with enough fuel for the whole night, you would have a very restful night´s sleep.

    I´ve only known 1 person who might get drunk from 1 shot of alcohol and he happened to be allergic to it. I, also, don´t know of anyone who would have a hangover from such a small amount of alcohol.

    I´m sitting squarely on the fence with this one. I can see the ups and the downs. If, and it´s a big IF, the devs decide to include alcohol. They would have to have a very good reason, and they would have to be extremely careful with implementation.

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