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  1. It was the middle of the day and I was walking joyfully home from my expedition to my home base in Costal Highway. My happy home, the gas station. Around that station surrounded houses, cars and other buildings. I knew dang well that on the lake ahead was a special place for Fluffy and her pack to hang around, so I always avoided carrying food around this area. So I was loaded with peanut butter and canned food. ANYWAYS. I was simple holding my revolver which I treated like my first born. It was always above 80 percent and always was full of bullets. That baby saved me from so many wolf attacks. But my forgetful mind forgot to reload my revolver after my run in with a pack of wolves awhile back. Being confident, I heard a few wolf snarls but I shrugged it off and kept walking. Then I heard a bear. THEN STUFF GOT REAL. I kept running until I saw a wolf infront of me, of course. That wolf nailed me because I was trying to shoot an empty revolver, I survived by fighting him off with a hunting knife. As I tried to gather my belongings and do some quick first aid. Just to stop the pain and bleeding, I continue walking for maybe another minute until a bear come running at me, silently. He didn't growl, roar, no nothing. I screamed. The bear ate me. I died. Never again will I be confident that my revolver is loaded.
  2. Aaah, I see. You're the best! Thanks.
  3. I bought the long dark probably a month ago for Xbox 1, so just keep in mind I'm a newbie. I was playing Stalker mode and I was running from a pack of three wolves in Desolation Point. Down the road I saw a car and I dove into it, hoping I could stay there and evade the wolves, I thought I heard of other players sleeping and passing time in cars by clicking on the bed roll, but on Xbox it didn't work like that. After sitting in there for a bit, I lost my patience and took a run for it; I got chomped on by a few woofers. How can I sleep in cars?