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  1. Could help alleviate inavertendly firing the revolver and spilling precious ammo.. Cause having to put away the revolver isn't very defense friendly. Maybe give us the option in Key Bindings settings.
  2. yep, that's definitely a problem for me, i hunt these animals to get my arrows back, i now play in Stalker mode and will soon be playing Interloper, but then it gets to be a serious gamebreaker for me, cause i lost quite a few arrows this way..
  3. If you wound a animal and follow it till it starts limpling, then turn your back towards the animal and turn back, it has progressed much further then humanly possible at the speed it is walking when you have him in your line of sight. I noticed this behaviour a few weeks back when i started playing the game, but didn't realize that this was the case, i just lost my prey time and time again because i picked up sticks while stalking my prey till it fell dead after i wounded it (wolf in this case). Then i noticed it was completely gone in the blink of an eye on a open field, when i started tracking the bloodtrail the wolf which walked at a sanils pace had travelled like 2 miles in the time i picked up 3 sticks. imo this is a bug and should be adressed, cause it breaks immersion when hunting. I also noticed that when a wolf has become slow and limping, that if you try to catch it and walk right on top of him he attacks again and suddenly gets revitalized completely like it was never wounded, also if it's almost dead and you shoot it again it gets also revitalized like it has been wounded for the first time. i really don't like that behaviour, i hope this is going to be adressed in a upcoming patch. Like the bleedout mechanism is reset to when it first got hit, and it starts allover again from the beginning. EDIT: oh sorry, i thought technical also ment technical discussion about the mechanis of the game, my bad..
  4. i'd like to see these unharvestable bushes (the ugly crossplaned textured alpha'd bushes, not an actual 3d mesh) being made into harvestable wormwood to kill of the parasites or reduce the chance to get them.
  5. it's really easy to make it dark, i construct game meshes myself in Unity and other game engines, it would be a 1 minute job to darken the windows. just put it on the list. and don't give me the 'petty" remark, if you have nothing better to say then don't say anything at all.
  6. It has lit windows at night, yet when you go inside everything is pitch black.. Either make the stove always burning or dim the lit windows at night please ?
  7. ah ok, that could have been the problem indeed.. yeah some things are a bit sketchy in the calculations. like if you have a fire going it says it will take 3 hours till it's burned out, if you then sleep for three hours and wake up, the fire still has another 1.30 hours burntime left.. thanks again for claifying that up..
  8. aaaaahh that explains it, what a attention to detail, incredible..nicely done too.. but indeed, my headgear was totally dry in drizzling snowy weather. well i'm starting to get used to it too, and i only got it once when i made the bear coat in one run, i might just have to do it inbetween. thing is, i was kinda scared a bit that the game would not remember where i left of if i waited to long to complete the crafting, cause that seemed to happen one time in story mode with me, i crafted deer boots halfway through, then went away to do stuff for a few days and when i came back i had to do it entirely anew. so my previous 6 hours spend crafting was negated, but it only happened 1 time, cause i didn't do that anymore, i always crafted all things in one run, only sleeping inbetween, but ofcourse all inside cause i didn't even know that cabin fever was in the game, now i know i just changed tactics. It just annoyed me when it happened at first, but i'm starting to get used to it. it's not really important actually, cause i usually don't like to have to be indoors all the time to craft, i rather explore the world.. the permadeath thing is what i like the most, and i always thought i would not like it, but i do..
  9. well, i asked because i just dried everything and repaired all my clothing i currently wear, then i went out into the snowy weather for approxiamtely 1 hour and only the wolfskin coat was 50% wet, nothing else, not my deerskin boots, not my snowpant nor my canadian toque, they where all dry, only the wolfskin coat was wet, after everthing had been dried to 0% just prior. That's when i began to suspect the coat might be bugged. cause it has the highest waterproof rating.. Or that the mechanic must be different from what i assumed it is/was. thank you. it doesn't have to be removed, but the mechanic was born from the leaderboards as i read somewhere, it could be made to make more sense then it does now. i myself like solitude, i'm not easily bored when i have a guitar and a good meal and warm fire in my fireplace. just saying something that might make sense to combat being mentally is good for the soul..
  10. oh ok, i'll keep an eye out for that hypothermia meter to see what's what. the wiki says this about it; The Waterproof bonus provided by clothing measures how quickly clothing becomes wet during outdoor activities. Clothes gradually become wet when it is snowing or when the player walks on ice. Clothes also become completely wet if the player falls through weak ice or passes through a traversable waterfall. So it says it "measures" how quickly it becomes wet ?? what i have seen is it "get's" wet quicker, atleast the wolfskin coat does from all other clothing become wet the fastest, even if it has 60%, might it be bugged then ?
  11. @UpUpAway95 thanks, do you know how the waterproof mechanic works by the way ? i have a wolf coat, it has the highest waterproof number, 60%, but it's always the one piece of clothing that get's soaked first ? Is it the other way around, the higer the number the easier it get's soaked ? EDIT: hah, i didn't know you can sleep in a vehicle..
  12. yet a day in this game takes maybe 1 IRL hour.. it's a game, not a real life survival simulator, it says so when you start it up. but it IS easy, i only played it for like 30 hours and already Voyageur became to easy for doesn't feel like a struggle anylonger, just like a lot of micromanagement.. i do like the survival aspect, when i first started out it felt like a struggle, but once you get to know the mechanics better, the struggle is gone.. i shot like 4 bears and lived for 2 months on them, half of them spilled too.. i guess i have to go to Stalker to feel that initial feeling again.. I found the storymode very entertaining, so the storymode is definitely the game for me, if survival gets to easy, it will definitely not be my game. So i'll just up the ante a bit to Stalker then..
  13. ah ok, so you can sleep inside, if you're out the rest of the day then ? does it get canceled out then during the day ? is there a site where they explain how the mechanics actually work then ? it might make it easier to understand some stuff. i do agree that planning is strategy. but i thought the cabin fever was random if you spend longer inside, the chance is higher that you get it. so i just started living outside totally, only go inside to put my stuff in cupboards and craft what i need on the workbench. i didn't even cook inside anymore..
  14. ofcourse if you like it that's your thing, and everything else you said is ofcourse valid. but if i use a custom game, i do lose the ability to gain feats, i do understand why they did that, but i want them. that's why i cannot play custom. also, it just has become tedious for me now, i sleep outside next to a fire, 1 hour at a time, to not freeze to death. and to keep the fire going, and to not get cabin fever.. it's just a nonsensical thing imo if you can work around it like this. also, always sleeping in the outside harsh winter conditions would be much more difficult for a human being to keep up then sleeping inside at night, and go out exploring and hunting during the day.. I agree with Serenity that crafting just takes much too long. you just can't easily do all the things you need without working around these things becoming tedious and take away from the experience..
  15. a lot of things weigh 0.09, two of those weigh 0.19, so the second one is heavier ? three of those weigh 0.29, so having only 1 weighs less ? i'd like to have that fixed.