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  1. Hey mate, yep I've restarted quite a few times now. Also a windows update has been done. And reinstalled the game as well. I would just buy it again, on steam this time, if it was $10 again. That would solve all the probs. haha
  2. I submitted a message to support directly. However if anybody has any ideas add onto this thread.
  3. The game doesn't load past the 'press any key to continue' disclaimer screen. I bought this for AUD$13 from Microsoft. It says it is for Xbox and PC. I presume if it was only Xbox then it wouldn't even install on my rig. The sys specs are more than enough for it. I have been using my friend's steam copy as well at max graphics. Is this the problem? That there are 2 copies installed, although in dif locations? I heard it may be the Microsoft store not being able to connect? Other ideas? Thanks all. Great game indeed.