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  1. 12 hours ago, ThePancakeLady said:

    Trappers is going dark...¬†ūüė≠

    (I'll get used to it, but I will miss it. 3 1/2 years, seeing those lights at night, through a blizzard or fog... farewell, old friend.)

    I don't know. Does it means windows will not glow outside or inside? Because I think the inside glow was diminished. Funny is I can see more inside now. The glow from windows is not so high so shadows are now more articulate. Tested on one cabin though. 

  2. Astrid ended up in Coastal Highway if I am not mistaken. Will was heading from Mystery Lake to dam and this path leads to Coastal Highway as well. It can lead them to Desolation Point and they may find path over broken bridge. BUT Coastal Highway has Fallen Rocks on the opposite side. The road there clearly was leading somewhere. Maybe one can find goat or mole path to the other side. But it would be another "end" region.

    I still hope for big map Perseverance Mill.

  3. When I entered the Bleak Inlet first time and went on monkey path leading to workshop, I had 5 member TW group came to invite me. I had my revolver and I got 4 of them in one shot (each of course). I am not sure how it was possible and why they did not run away, but I guess the aurora effect prevent them from running. I admit, it was pretty unsporty of me. I was on high ground and they were just running bellow without possibility to nible on me.

  4. When you mention mobs spawning bellow surface. I witnessed long time ago a wolf spawn high above the ground. Till this point I didnt know they suffer fall damage as well. That time I had free wolfie steaks.

    Anyway. Did anyone report this to Hinterland? I have not yet (occured to me recently).

  5. I have encountered this bug too. I thouhgt it is only related to imperfect shots and escaping prey. But no. I shot one wolf on the Coastal Highway. It was on the sea ice. It dropped on spot. I decided to harvest it next day because I was overencumbered and it was almost night. When I was walking from it, I noticed crows circling over empty spot few meters away. I went into Quonset, slept and next day was nice and clear. The wolf carcass is not present. It is not nice. It cost me one revolver bullet.

    Day later I visit the same place. There is new flock of crows circling. But it is unusually low. They are flying 2-3m above my character head. Usually crows are much higher.

  6. This is the reason why I never travel without my sleeping bag. One of my stupidest deaths was I climbed down the ravine basin (before Bleak Inlet) without sleeping bag and without knowing I can sleep in the car. I panicked and fell 3 times in attempt to climb.

    On the other hand I learned from this. Now I know, one can sleep in a car. Plus I learned how to use a ledge. I avoided climbing for the exhaustion reason before that. Now I know it can be fun with proper planning.

    Don't throw your game until you have 0% health.

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  7. 2 player coop could be nice. Though not for me. I would greatly mourn if my partner dies in the game. I wouldn't know what to do after his/hers death.

    I was thinking about another one (it could be little morbid). Populate the map with deceased players. The body could be there for a week or less. One can write a letter to the body founders.

    Plus there are few boards in the map. Player could stick a note on it for rest of the players. Again it could be there for a week.

    I know my ideas requires additional HW on the Hinterland side and not everyone wants to wait a little before each game start to get current messages or bodies. For me it would be a little touch fitting the loneliness in the game.

  8. I started at Voyager and stayed in it. It is in the game "this is how the developers intended it". Who am I to argue with them.  I tried Pilgrim and Stalker. No good for me. Maybe I will try custom mix of Pilgrim fauna Voyager spawn and Interloper weather. And thats nice. You can mix it how you see fit.

  9. I love to play TLD at winter. I make myself big cup of hot tea and start the game. I enjoy, that I dont have to freeze myself like the character does. Unlike other games the situation in the TLD is quite possible IRL. I hardly will be driving spaceship, shooting through Washing DC or stealing cars. But it is possible to end up in cold forest where is nothing to eat but what you catch. The fact the game is believable is great.

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  10. I am not so sure that it is impossible to ensnare rabbit outside their zones. I just put one snare right on the road in front of Quonset Gas Station (Voyger difficulty). There was one cought after few days. I set t trap even inside the Quonset. Just for shit and giggles. Sadly no rabbit was inside.

    The main pro ensnaring is you dont loose your energy running and throwing. My success rate hitting rabbit with stone is not great. So I set 4 traps in the place rabbits are hopping and next morning I get 3-4 rabbits to process.

    I noticed something strange. When I set the trap at morning and check it the same day evening without entering any interior, there is nothing caught. Then I go inside to get a sleep. After that next morning or mid day, I go out straight to traps. According caught rabbits freeze status, it seems like they have been caught right when I stepped out the interior location.

  11. I have set the game setting (not the monitor itself) to slightly above recomended setting. This allows me to get general idea in places. Plus it gives me slight feeling of snow blindness during very bright day.

    It is like in my real life. I can see in the dark more than most other people. Plus I am blinded during very bright day.