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  1. Not sure about the satchel location in other dificulties. But I have found in Misty Falls in Pleasant Valey on voyageur. You know in the cave, there is hidden spot. Spoiler: Get naked.

  2. @Aurimas I executed quick test on my Voyageur run.

    • My character is level 5 cook
    • got 2x 1kg venison, both of them 0%
    • got a firebarrel in Quonset Gas Station.
    • Put cooking pot on one slot and one slot was empty.
    • I fired a firebarrel and put enough sticks to maintain 1h fire. (you owe me one match :D  but not really, my character is going to eat those 2kg of meat)
    • I placed 1kg of venison on the spot without pot
    • Then I immediately put the 1kg of venison into the pot. The delay could be about 5-10 seconds. So the pot venison started about 1-2 minutes later ingame time.

    The pot venison was finished and the venison without pot had to be cooked still for 7 minutes.

  3. 21 hours ago, odium said:

    toilet water is in fact very clean most of the time 

    Yes normally. But I recall there was a note on the water tower in the Mountain Town, that the water has been infected in the water pipes. It is possible it was in the story mode. But I dont distinguish these two modes much. If it was in the story mode, it is like it was in the sandbox for me.

  4. I would like to add some to fire mechanic. I am pretty fine with the fact you can start fire with a log. If I had a 1kg fir log and wanted start a fire, I would take a knife or hatchet and make splinters, small pieces, large pieces (no you can't do it with hacksaw). Now it would be possible to start a fire. I think, it is hidden in the game mechanics. If I have no hatchet or knife, it should not be possible to use single log for starting a fire. Furthermore for fire starting, I would find your way very tedious and not fitting the game. But we could have some little minigame for the fire making. Something like you have X Y axes and you have to keep a ball/cursor in the middle by WASD keys or maybe even mouse. And size of the area and time needed would depend on your skill, tinder, wind etc.

    For the lightning mechanics... I found the contrast or dynamics sometimes as well "too much" For examle Coastal Highway -> Waterfront Cottage or the cabin on Jackrabbit Island. Every time I enter, there is big beam of the light comming from the window. It makes everything else too dark to see.

    Candles: Yes for me.

    Otherwise I am pretty comfy with the game.

  5. The re-freezing water is tricky thing in my opinion. If you introduce freezing water, the container could be damaged or even destroyed by freezing. Plus the water would freeze in almost all inside locations. 

    I do like the fact the water does not freeze in the game. And I am searching for empty bottles since I would like to use them to create coat or something from them. The thermo insulation capabilities of ingame plastic bottles must be great when it prevents water from freezing even in -30°C.

    But I can agree with "potable" water from toilets. I think there was a poster or note in the town, the water pipes has been infected by something thus the water is not safe. Suddenly player comes to the town and he can drink from toilet reservoirs?

    The field flask containing tea is good idea. If it is hot, it could provide temporary temperature bonus.

  6. I think there is no help comming from outside as well. But Will is alive and the mysterious briefcase is not in their possesion. They have to reunite, find the briefcase and deploy whatever is in it to the world. And I suspect their action will help the world, but not to them. The winter in their location will be harsh and long.

  7. Wow the anomally had to be strong in your game when it affected bear to get teleportation ability. Never seen anything like this. I had a wolf falling from the sky, bear voice from dead bear and some other but nothing like this.

  8. Found and ate 0% granola bar and drank 0% soda. Again no food poisoning. But I think soda never gives you poisoning. Sardines slowly degrading outside now.

    Is there any achievement for making trash can from your stomach?


  9. I think, there are two more factors to sway.

    1. The mobility penalty from clothing. I have about 45% mobitlity penalty in my currect run (yes I am walking tank). And when I start aiming, the bar in right lower cornes starts from ~75%. Just like the bar for the climbing on the rope and just like the bar for sprinting.
    2. Freezing. When you freeze, the sway kicks in earlier.

    Little bit off topic. The level 5 revolver skill is really working. Recently I was jumped by a wolf. I had the revolver in my hand. I managed only to turn around and click the left mouse button when wolf was about in middle of the screen. And it ended not well for him. Found my steaks few hours later.

  10. I am aware of the freezing mechanism. On the page you posted is mentioned that from warmth to freezing is for ecample 15h when feels like is -1°C. So 3hours for building igloo would be fine with feels like -7°C. -8 with slight condition loss. Plus of course you can make a fire to keep yourself warm, just like for carving big carcass. I know you would not start from the total warm stage. This is just for illustration. And yes if you start it when you are already freezing, it is too late and you would freeze.

    I would see the igloo as long alternative to snow shelter. And in my POV it has to be balanced and the longer time to build could be good balancing. Otherwise there would be ton of igloos over the Great Bear.

  11. On 2/8/2020 at 4:36 PM, wizard03 said:

    Seems to be really nice thus far as I can carry quite a bit of stuff so far. Which is good. I plan on trying to drag as much stuff as I can to BI to set up a lill bit of a shop there. Im even going to bring a bearskin bedroll so I can sleep in the cannery.

    Oh you are setting a shop in BI. Ill visit when I am near by. You will have only clothing or I can expect a little bit of pastry as well?

  12. I would not be fan of total random map. Knowleadge of the map saved my character ass few times. You know, you are going somewhere, but suddenly a blizzard. You try to keep a direction, but it is not possible. Suddenly you see a known rock formation and you know you have to turn this way and you will get to a telegraph post after few minutes and the line leads somewhere.

    But in another thread, there is suggest to make wildlife little bit more unpredictable. I can agree with this for bears. You know, I am for example in the Desolation Point -> Hibernia Processing. I know, there is bear, because I have seen it day before. Now I can just wait in the gate house and I know he will pass near. And if today is foggy, I can get him tommorow. I am not asking much but it could be nice if the Big Brown did not take the very same route like train on schedule. Little deviation could be nice. Even 3 or 5 predefined paths could make the hunting really challenging.

    Wolfs are +- OK for me, same for rabbits and deer. If I understand it well, they have area where they can be. But not the bear.

    Anyway I have about 400h in game. And only now I started to explore TWM and HRV. Not speaking of BI. I admit I play it cautiously after few rushed games ending in premature deaths.

  13. @exeexe OK Maybe not 6 hours. But you know, it should be longer than the snow shelter. Maybe 3 hours... My plays are mostly in voyager. You can spend 6h outside in this dificulty except for blizzard.

    I have not built the snow shelter because I was freezing right in the moment. But I started in mid day because I knew I will spend night outside.