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  1. Dear lord that is terrifying. I'd hate to be the guy who gets caught up there trying to get away from those Timberwolves.
  2. While casually strolling through Mystery Lake, I happened upon a strange sight at the Hunter's Blind near the Trapper's Homestead. Invisi-Bear. All the noise, - Thundering Footsteps - Growls - Fleeing Screams - Charging No body though. Was playing on Interloper and had the Sh** scared out of me as I had to juggle the bear and a wolf while trying to harvest a deer and bunny. Relogging didn't fix the issue. Used the Hunter's Blind to avoid getting attacked. Any other tips? Any similar stories? I'm interested to hear how you guys are holding up with these new updates. I believe its the first time I've ever had a bear spawn under the terrain, and it scared the crap out of me.
  3. Treading carefully, Hear a growl but see no bear, Sh** it's underground. Climbing a mountain, Throwing rocks off carelessly, Nice I hit a wolf. Running through the woods, Two big antlers i'front of me, Run the other way. Also your first 2 Haiku's are 5 8 5 instead of 5 7 5, just so you know ; )