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  1. This is coming from someone who plays The Long Dark, exclusively, on the Xbox One. At some point, I would really like to complete Faithful Cartographer and Exploration Game. I think some kind of tracking system wouldn't be unreasonable. Even something as simple as giving you a basic number to work with, like '0/18', for each region. It doesn't even have to be a checklist, just a tracker, so that I know whether or not I've completed a region and can move on. I think this would make a *LOT* of people happy, or at least some people *VERY* happy, given the fact that I have run into many OCD gamers out there who lose their minds a little over stuff like this. I know what it feels like. Just a thought.
  2. So, I actually got a notification for THIS response, but I know for a fact for the past several days that I should have gotten notifications for responses to some of my threads. Weird. Hopefully it was just a weird glitch.
  3. So I finally managed to confirm that the transponder parts are indeed in the mission critical inventory, along with keys and documents. Also the bear spear. On an unrelated note, I don't seem to be getting notifications anymore on this site whenever someone responds on a topic, and I did in the beginning. Does anyone know anything about that?
  4. Oh, I guess I missed the message, although usually they're pretty obvious. Also, I can't find it anywhere in my inventory. Which section of inventory is it listed in?
  5. This is probably a stupid question. So I'm finally getting around to playing Episode Two Redux, and I've gotten to the point where I'm at the first shortwave tower. I found the metal box you can interact with attached to the tower, and I go to open it, it opens, and...nothing happens. The only other thing I can do is close it. There's no option to extract or harvest or whatever the transponder parts. Is it a glitch or am I supposed to have like a toolbox with me or something else entirely? I've got to admit, I'm completely stumped.
  6. Area 51 by Bob Mayer (originally published as Robert Doherty), because after like 15 years he finally started writing books in that series again, and I figured I should go ahead and just re-read the series before jumping back in at book 10. And Fire Warrior by Simon Spurrier. Also a re-read. I'm reading it because I'm writing a Halo action fan fiction, and want to get myself into a proper headspace, and Fire Warrior has some of the best and most well-written combat and action sequences I've ever come across.
  7. Oh wow, I've never heard of anything like that before. That really sucks! It's going to screw with me, honestly. To give you an idea of what I was talking about, I went back and took a screenshot of how I posted another story to a different site. Each one of those Parts was uploaded over the course of about two weeks. This is what I was hoping to go for with the Spoilers tag, so you just click on the post, and right there, in very first entry, would be the entire story, organized neatly like this, being updated as I write it, instead of having to go scrolling and looking through however many posts for a specific chapter. Presentation has become pretty important to me over the years as I've learned more and more about both how to do it, and how much it affects the perception of the media being presented itself. Is there a specific reasoning for this? I'm guessing if it's baked into the site then it must be pretty immutable.
  8. Hey, so, I'm new here. I just signed up very recently. I started a topic about music that reminded people of The Long Dark, and as people chimed in, I wanted to update the list of links to the music in question, but...I can't find the option to edit anywhere. Like, I have to be missing something. I've seen an almost exact duplicate of this particular forum setup before, and I know for a fact I could edit posts. Could someone help me out? Is it because I'm such a new member? I guess that'd be fair. Thanks.
  9. Oh yeah, a lot of Trent's isolating ambient stuff. Like In This Twilight. And The Frail.
  10. @ThePancakeLady I love that song! And yeah, I can see it.
  11. I tend to listen to music when I write, and subsequently I've gathered a lot of ambient tracks that evoke certain moods. Given that I write horror more often than not in some capacity, I tend to look for creepy or lonely tracks. Some of the ones I've found really strike me as fitting well in The Long Dark, and I thought I'd share, and ask if anyone here has any tracks they've heard that they think might fit. Alone by Jay-Lounge POU by Carbon Based Lifeforms Love is an Infection by Lzn_02 Writing the Letter by Marc Streitenfeld Suicide by Marc Streitenfeld (Both from The Grey OST. Honestly, that whole soundtrack fits since The Grey is basically the TLD movie.) These are some of my top ones. All the links lead to YouTube videos. Anyone else have any?
  12. That's a good point. I'll think about it some more, play some more of The Long Dark, (I'm currently going through Episode Two Redux), and see if it strikes me as a good idea. I appreciate the encouragement.
  13. Thank you! If I can find some spare time and the ideas continue assaulting me, I might just go ahead and begin writing it. Although admittedly there are a few other things kind of making me hesitate, now that I've thought about it a little more. One is a formatting issue. Although I would be posting it over on WattPad and FFNet, I'd like to post it in the forums, but I feel like it would become overwhelming. I tend to write large chapters, but even if I managed to keep them decently sized, there would be a *lot* of chapters. I've actually tried something like this one before, on another site with a similar forum layout, (RockRaidersUnited), and they solved the problem by having a 'spoiler' feature, which basically meant I could hide chapters inside of collapsed boxes that had to be clicked on and opened to reveal the entire chapter, which made the whole thing reasonably sized and fairly presentable. But I don't see any kind of spoiler option here. I'm hoping that I'm missing it. For frame of reference, if this was a typical mass market paperback novel, I could see this story easily becoming 4-500 pages. The other thing making me nervous is that although I enjoy and respect The Long Dark a lot, I also understand that I'm not the kind of player that the game typically appeals to. The video games I normally write for are Halo, Half-Life, Doom. All first person shooters. The Long Dark is clearly a game of strategy and, more importantly, patience. I do not excel at either. Even after reaching 500 days in Survival and going through Wintermute, as well as a smattering of other playthroughs, I know that there are things I'm just not seeing. There are probably mechanics that I'm not aware of, strategies that could optimize my gameplay more. I haven't even seen the entire map yet! I'm more of an 'in-the-moment' gamer, which is kind of antithetical to The Long Dark's playstyle, narrative, and foundational meaning. And I feel like that would come out a lot more if I attempted to translate the game, and subsequently the gameplay, into my own narrative.