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  1. In keeping with my post on item locations, I favour anything like this that reduces the predictability of gameplay experience.
  2. Thanks guys. Some of the latest posts have helped me to see better the challenges involved in randomizing loot locations. I think that adding as many loot tables as possible would indeed go a long way in achieving what I was hoping for, without thowing the game balance off, but as Lyttol says the novelty factor will depend on the number of new permutations. The tension (not the negative type!) here seems to be between play-styles and preferences. Some are very attached to the knowledge they've collected and the advantage it gives them in game, and don't mind falling into set patterns as much, while I prefer a more varied experience. Those first few hours when we don't know where anything is are just magical. In my case, I'm hoping that some form of item randomization can help me recapture that feeling of awe and fear, and I have a vague sense that it could help the game gain a broader audience. The idea is hard to put my finger on but I can't help feeling put off imagining how a newbie would feel watching a Youtube videos of TLD pros who can seemingly guess where the hacksaw or hammer are. It would probably put me off as a new starter. They might think "Oh you mean you can actually learn the environment to that extent?"
  3. Frozen.. wow.. what can I say? Thanks for your hard work in bringing these responses from the Devs. Really helpful. You've also helped to cut through some of the misunderstanding around my initial post. I'll know to be more precise next time I suggest something So to clarify my suggestion and add a few comments: I'd like HL to consider randomizing item locations as much as possible, both in terms of which place in the map they appear but also where in what specific place they appear (below wardrobe x, just to the right of corpse y) ... This same process could probably be extended to harvestable resources, and maybe even predator movement patterns, but I haven't given this as much thought. This would be while: 1. Preserving overall gameplay balance, probably by introducing certain scarcity-related rules ("one bedroll within radius x", for example) 2. Preserving "logic" and character of spawn locations (no shoes in the fridge, more tools in warehouses, more clothes in homes, etc..) 3. Probably maintaining some weighting of item locations in favour of the main hubs (better quantity and quality items in key locations) --- -- the net result would be: - Incentive for gameplay to enter new patterns, rather than set ones - An experience that more closely resembles a true survivor experience - Added incentive to visit all parts of the map - Added incentive to search all locations more thoroughly - Maybe even help make new locations as suitable bases depending on an element of luck (rabbit spawn or less wolves nearby, for example) ---- The end result could be more variety in gameplay experience, more difference between playthroughs. Near infinite replayability can be achieved by some games (Civilization comes to my mind at least). I'm just an an old-time gamer who ranks TLD in my all-time top 5 and want a broader audience to taste its raw fear and vivid atmosphere, and I feel that the predictability of some of the game's mechanics is holding it back from fulfilling its true potential. ------ And if these changes are deemed too dramatic for the main sandbox, then at least as an option for players that want to mix things up.
  4. As I said in my first posts it would need to be done in a smart way - overall balance would still need to be maintained through certain rules around scarcity. Also, we're not talking about letting stuff appears randomly on the snow, or about shoes in the fridges (though I guess socks are possible!!)
  5. It's clear I won't convince you UpUpAway, but why are you trying to shoot this idea down so badly? What is the fuss about? I just don't like the fact that when I arrive in a given house, I know exactly where to look for likely loot - under which wardrobe, on which bedside table, etc... and not only that - the most important items tend to spawn only in a limited number of locations that can be memorized (unless the game has introduced new spawn locations since I stopped playing about a year ago or so). It won't guarantee you'll find your bedroll at the first attempt, but if you check every likely location, you will - but by then your game will have turned into a series of trecks between know loot locations, at least on loper. I'd rather have a more random game - which better simulates the fully lost survivor scenario. I'm only posting this thread because I love this game. In fact I created an account on this forum for this only purpose, in the hope that devs will consider it which would bring me back to playing. I just thought I'd share the idea with the community. If it's deemed a good idea, it can be considered. if it isn't deemed attractive to players, then it will be dropped. If it isn't practical from a coding point of view, it can be dropped regardless.
  6. I would never force anything on other players. I appreciate it might not be everyone's cup of tea, and some people get attached to having a better sense of where stuff is. What I'm suggesting is a "randomized item locations" option in start menus for those who quit the game because of predictability, nothing more.
  7. Like you say, items only move between "a few different spawn points." My experience is that this means that on 'loper, you are basically following known paths between these likely spawn locations. I have never relied on loot matrices. Not even sure what they are. But I do know where to go next in loper to ensure I find matches and to make sure I maximize my chances of finding decent stuff. This semi-predictability reduces the unknown and "fear" element that you feel so much more in your first 10-50 hours of gaming. I just wish you had ZERO idea of what you might find, besides some expectation that will find more loot in bigger bases like farmstead at PV, the dam etc.. it would force us into new patterns of behaviour, and might force us to explore more of the maps.
  8. Loriaw - Glad you see my viewpoint on this. I just want this game to be as close to what the experience is supposed to be: i.e. a survival experience where you don't know your environment. I appreciate the maps can't be changed each playthrough (though that would be amazing! ;)) but surely item locations can. As it currently is, after a couple hundred hours of gameplay, I imagine that most people can figure out where stuff is likely to be - and especially the critical items like the hammer, saw etc.. they make such a difference in the game that you make darn sure you remember where they tend to spawn. I appreciate the Dev replies, FrozenCorpse, thanks!! And also the suggestions on trying the custom game modes, PancakeLady. Will take a look. But my no. 1 wish is for the clean pure sandbox experience, but with randomized items locations.
  9. Yes that but that can be arranged while not having the loot spawn in predictable patterns as it currently does, no? These predictable loot patterns are the only reason I stopped playing after a couple of hundred hours. The game is wonderful otherwise. Imagine knowing the maps and safe spots as we do, but not knowing what loot to expect when checking out a hut...
  10. Hi All,I used to play this game some time back, and it has left a lasting memory - what a special game! I was never an ultra-veteran but managed to survive about 40 days-ish on interloper before a silly mistake killed me off. The thing that stopped me from playing after a while was that I ended up knowing the more likely spawn location for key items, and even knowing patterns of when item types would be likely to spawn in a specific play through.Does anyone know if the devs have ever considered randomizing spawn locations completely (but in a smart way, of course, not totally random. would need limits on total number of objects per map or per play-through)? This would definitely bring me back to the game. I want the randomness - the sheer fear of not knowing whether I'm going to make it to my next safe spot or not. I feel this could really boost the game's replayability, helping players move beyond a couple of hundred hours of gameplay into the thousands, and earning it the cult status it deserves. I am keen to know if 1. this has been considered and why it hasn't been implemented, or 2. how I can get the dev's attention on this idea. Are they reading this forum?