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  1. Hi, I've just begun my second Interloper run, its about day seven, I just got out of looting ML, and I decided to head over the Old Spence Homestead to do a bit of forging, nothing big, just decided to gear up a bit now that I'm going to go and loot HRV and the Summer, I got there smoothly, but now with the new Wolves and Fires thing, I'm worried that they'll attack me while I'm making water, breaking down things, or forging. They've been pacing around the barn but haven't taken notice of me, will they attack? Or am I absolutely fine in the barn, and I have nothing to worry about so long as I don't provoke them? Or am I going to have to find someway to reach the forge while still being out of range of the wolves. I was thinking going behind it, but I dunno. Pls help, I don't want to get mauled, I've worked so hard.
  2. Hi! I have two questions. Why did you remove the original skill book cover designs? Didn't match up with the overall art style of the game? Do you ever feel creative blocks? If so, how do you get over them?
  3. I was wondering if you could offer any challenges for me to try. I've already fiddled around with deadman mode, so thats off the table.
  4. Ah, I see another citizen of fine standing, I have about a million of these things in my cabinet.
  5. Often, I settle for a dip in the freezing cold lake on my property at six in the morning, after getting over the hypothermia, I then self flagellate for an hour to atone for my misdeeds. This routine wakes the body, mind, and soul!
  6. So, now that I've finally gotten around to making an account for the forums, I can finally start asking the wise TLD sages for advice and also participate in discussion on multiple topics where I shall invariably make a fool of myself. While I have clocked 600 hours into this game, I still run into a problem, firewood. I'll stack up a game slowing pile of sticks but guess what happens? I use it all up in a matter of days just cooking food, making warmth fires, water, etc. So basically, to get all of the flowery words, and long, irreverent spiels of unrelated topics I bring up out the way so I can get to my question: whats the most efficient way of garnering mass amounts of wood when factoring in cold, wildlife, the whole plethora of crap one must deal with to even get basic necessities in this game. At least on the tougher difficulties.
  7. What do you think dear Ralphy means when he says "Smarter?" Does this mean I can't bait em' with a nugget of gamey venison and smear there brains all over the snow? I hope not, as I know no other ways of killing wolves other then that method. I mean, I guess I could learn and adapt... poor Astrid, I'm going to get her killed so many times.
  8. So, I've been plowing through most of Episode One and Two easily enough. And I've done all of the sidequests in Episode One. But I have a heap of them unfinished in episode two. Mostly relating to the ones you receive from the skill books littered about the maps. I just completed the Aurora Bunker, Culling Wolves, and Hanks Hatch, Lake Gunshots, and all the Caches. So I was wondering, should I bother with these final few or just camp out at the Dam waiting for an Aurora. Do these quests offer any useful goodies and craftables? Because while I have enjoyed this Redux immensely, the allure of Stalker and Interloper survival runs once again entice me there endless loop of trying to keep my condition up while getting mauled by wolves and such. I guess I just got bored and/or lazy? Probably.