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  1. Well I mean the aurora causes any downed power lines to spark. It's not unreasonable that a wolf could step in the wrong area and end up spooked, but not dead. We all know fluffy left the dam due to those power lines.
  2. Didn't know where to post this lol. Hope you enjoy the Meat Truck. This was taken outside the mystery lake lodge at BR. So far this has worked to keep all my meats away from the wolves. I don't want any of my moose to go to waste!
  3. This has been a fun read! As a filthy casual I appreciate the perspective of someone who has put so much time into making the game as punishing as possible.
  4. So this happened on voyageur, I was at desolation point, heading back to the lighthouse from the boat, and right as I climbed onto the road a big ole' bear charged at me. Being the hoarder that I am, I was incredibly overburdened and moving real slow, so there wasn't much chance to get away. This was a few days ago now, so I don't remember all the clothing items I was wearing, but I lost both my hats, two sets of ear warmers, my coat and my gloves. As I said in the title I ended up getting attacked four times, I managed to shoot him a couple times with the revolver, but that didn't so much to deter him. Somehow I managed to get away, my screen was looking crazy and I was limping, but I mad it to Matt's truck where I was able to safely do some first aid. Luckily my hoarding kinda came in handy, because I had everything I needed, including some birch bark tea. Of course then it got cold and the truck wasn't warm enough, so I made some hand & head wraps and walked for the whale processing center since I was closer. However, it was now a full blown blizzard, and most of my clothes were ruined, or about to be. Though both my hands and face are slightly at risk for frostbite, I am safe within the whale processing plant, and I spotted a dead bear on my way in 😉