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  1. I am loving this episode so much, i look forward to it every weekend, it’s like i have a purpose in life now. Thanks guys, keep the good work
  2. I won't bother playing if the story mode is discontinued... i personally find survival mode very lonely, there is no interaction other thatn the wildlife, it's too depressing.
  3. Altgough i can't wait for the next episodes to be released, I hope that the extended time will be spent on developing longer, more interesting story, than the E3 presented... I really liked episodes 1 and 2. So yeah, I'd rather wait a bit longer but have a great experience in the end, so please take your time and give us something special this time
  4. Yes, i agree, the plot was good, just a bit short, i felt ep2 was much longer, way more engaging and detailed.
  5. Yeah, I'd also like to know, even if it takes a year, at least I'll sleep well knowing when it's coming. I've signed up to HL just so I can express my gratitude for the experience I've had in E1 and E2. I'm so in love with this game! I have notfelt this since HALF LIFE/ Portal days, and I rarely register on gaming websites, I've been checking in every week, soooo looking forward to see all episodes. Please, please... bring it on!!! 😊