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  1. Hey so update, like almost a year later it went from tool cart ( i now have two much better ones) to a sort of electrical "test bench", a one-of-a-kind, handmade one that can be used for testing all sorts of small electronics. The high voltage side is not currently wired up to anything, but this is looking more like something that might have been made by a carter maintenance worker. Yes, the dials do actually readout! \ I do actually like how i accidentally picked a messed up lamp for the main power switch. The green bulb flickers softly, and is only half as bright as the red indicators. there's also a little bleedthrough between the red bulbs, which means the switch is probably gonna go soon. This is actually used for testing little things, too. mostly my other hobby involving electric motors and foam darts... Otherwise, it's essentially a great power bar that can all be turned off with one switch, like a mobile control panel. I also store project parts in the bottom. The white panels came from scrapped washer/dryers, i cut them with an air tool and riveted them on in place. All i need now is a map of mystery lake and the set will be complete, Hah.
  2. Simply put, it's not exactly "early" early. Think of it like the progression from flare gun to rifle in story mode. Essentially, it would be maybe an early find in episode 3 (as an example, only) and would be more powerful than the revolver, but not nearly as much as a double-barrel. As well as having atrocious range (comparable to the flare gun, the spread would be so wide on a short barrel it would only be instantly lethal within the first five to ten meters.)
  3. Agreed. I'm not looking or hoping for 16 customizable variations of rifles or something fully automatic. A shotgun and crossbow are just two equally-common weapons one might find for hunting, each with their own unique strengths over a rifle or revolver. They give players who choose to use them the opportunity to do so. Personally i'd replace the rifle with either. Sure it's been handy, but a crossbow has reusable, craftable ammo, and a shotgun has a wider spread so wolves cannot dodge your shots as they seem to be doing, as well as being reloadable, but considerably more difficult. A shell would max get three uses, initial, and two loads after, before becoming completely unuseable. But, yes. Options is all i'm looking at. The long dark has many, and that along with its story is what i love about it- You can go anywhere just about, so it's best to let you survive your way. I'm glad to see perspectives on the subject at hand though, sometimes we do need to take a step back and re-evaluate.
  4. I agree, sorta. Think of it this way. Carrying all equippable, offensive weaponry would seriously limit your carrying capacity. This is also why i said the shotgun would be roughly twice as heavy. I find myself leaving behind my weapons except when i need them. All I take with me is the revolver, the rifle (or shotgun...) for hunting. This lets me explore more and carry anything i find back, so I'd argue the main limiting factor in this is perhaps the carry weight. Nobody will carry every single kind, i don't want it to be a shooter either, but everyone will choose their favorite. For me it'd be a crossbow. I quite enjoy sniping. even when i go hunting i'm still never entirely safe... I've had bears sneak up on me while stalking a wolf. It's not fun.
  5. D'aw sorry, I kinda figured it had to be discussed, i just wasn't sure in how much detail. If anything though, i'd like to see a double-barreled bear banger. It's unique enough being the only thing you can reload yourself, as a normal bullet has to be forged in a press, stamped and machined to a perfect shape. As for the list given- Well, we really only have the flare gun, revolver, rifle, and a bow and arrow, as well as stones for offence/defence, the bear spear as far as i know works ONLY on bears. Otherwise, the things listed are more circumstantial for when you're already in the process of being mauled, you can't equip them for use as weapons otherwise, or use them to tear open crates like gordon freeman. I don't want to see too many added either, but a double-barrel would be the most sensible, and probably balanced solution. it's why i specifically stated a double-barrel as opposed to a pump-action. Shotguns are something you would find too, as they were one of the first types of firearm used for it. Historically, we had the elephant gun- which was a really large bore rifle, that turned into the shotgun, and shells were made of birdshot, buckshot, and varying pellet sizes for whatever you were hunting. As for the compass bit... Actually i hadn't considered that it might mess with an analog compass, now that you mention it I do understand that though. Shame, but some form of direction-finding would have been nice. While I reference the environment, as a new player, or when in a big white field i find myself often at a loss for where i'm facing. Binoculars could mitigate this by allowing one to see distant landmarks.
  6. So, this is gonna be a bit of a repost from a while ago when i threw some ideas up onto the steam wishlist- but i'm not sure if that one's even still read. Either way it's a good idea to broaden audiences. I've tried to think of ideas that could be balanced out well. For example, not talking combat shotguns or extremely OP things, but stuff that would fit both thematically and for difficulty. Plus, having at least one "reloadable" ammunition type sounds like a good idea. Easy to implement too, I've done all the thinking for it. That said, here's an edited repost: Weapons: The ShotgunsThere's several types, but the one i'm thinking of is an over-under, or double barrel version. This would be the best balanced, as;- a pump action, tube-fed 8 round rapid fire magazine would likely be way too overpowered for balance, while similarily a single-shot pipe gun (which can really be made out of hardware store materials) is a little too weak, but it is an option if you'd like to have two kinds.Now, on the other hand, a long-barrel, two-shot shotgun has been a staple for both hunting and survival for a number of years now, but; 1. It's limited. Two rounds, while each is three or more times as powerful as a single rifle round, is best off limited to only two in order to best keep within offensive, and it's downsides extend further, namely the fact that it'll weigh DOUBLE that of a rifle, possibly even more.2. It's the most common type you will find, personally though i like the over-under configuration because it rarely gets recognition in games and movies, but is virtually identical no matter which barrel layout you go for. 3. Shotgun shells are often reloadable, of course not forever, but it's fairly easy to do this. All one needs is some hard, pellet-form item, or even sometimes any item that will fit into the shell. though for our purposes, i could see it being filled with crushed stone, an item attainable with any stone and a heavy hammer at a workbench, would give the hammer more purpose too! Though, of course you can't be allowed to simply MAKE shells, you have to find shells or their casings, a flare shell could possibly work but be significantly less potent due to small space for both the propellant and the projectile. Could be used for making slugs (a shell with a single large round instead of pellets.)For pellets, the process is simple, rocks and a heavy hammer. For propellant though, well it's not as commonly seen today, and it's a little weaker than that which we now use, but black powder is fairly simple to be made, just need a little saltpeter (which can be derived from literally salt, found in plants such as sunflower sap, as well as cabbage and celery, or found in bird/bat dung, and the like.) and some sulfur, which i can see as naturally occuring in a cave in the new HRV section, big yellow rock that smells not great, and a hatchet to fracture off pieces (but damaging the hatchet significantly in the process) or a heavy hammer. Crush, mix the two together and you have your propellant.2. the shot-pistol I mentioned earlier could be an earlier-game holdout weapon (like comparing the flare pistol to the revolver, where this acts as the early weapon.), basically something to use if a bear charges at you and you don't have a spear, the wide spread also means wolves can't dodge as effectively. Not very pretty, but functional. I'm sure Will could do better, though! This is, in effect similar to a modified flare gun, but more resilient. To build it one requires some new items: 1x Gun parts (generic, just a firing pin, trigger, some springs and a grip.) 2x scrap metal crafting time: 2 days (reasonable amount, with the right tools, check out the home-made weaponry people have built, usually someone more experienced with such would probably take this amount of time.) there is also the option of making it a slam-fire shotgun, which is merely two pipes that slot into one another, one that sits over the shell, and a screw at the bottom to act as the firing pin. This however would require a lot of new animations for firing, while the other can act as more like a flare pistol or revolver.all in all, this uses some features already implemented, and gives even more purpose to ones that have either no, or limited purpose. 3. The Hunting Crossbow. With essentially flak-style ironsights, a crossbow could be another potential "upgrade" to the typical bow and arrow we use currently, it would have to be much more rare than any other type of weapon (in survival runs, spawning in any region, but only in a single spot in the whole run.) maintenance would require the use of an existing bow and arrow, so you'd basically have to craft that. However, what you get is more accurate than either a rifle, or a bow would be, and the range would be drastically increased. Essentially, it's easier to use, heavier, more precise and has a longer range. ________________________Scripted vehicle use (aurora only)1. Blockage removal. I've noticed the use of road-rail trucks in sections such as the outside of the carter dam and the maintenance yard. I could see a scripted event where one is used to push a traincar out of a tunnel in order to allow passage, or otherwise use it to push the thing like a battering ram into a blockage, or create a bridge by filling in a large gap with a discarded railway car.Additionally, in the case of snow-banked vehicles that are locked in place, possibly even having had the rear half crushed under a fallen tree, assuming such is a vehicle with a winch, I could see the potential usage of that winch in order to retrieve items on a cliff, or lower down a cable line without having to carry a mountaineering rope. It's a convenient setpiece for locking down the player's progress, similar to the elevator's breaking in the carter dam. This time you have to wait for the aurora to lower a line. New Clothing: Maintenance Jumpsuit During the winter, I used a jumpsuit i found and realized that it works surprisingly well as a windbreaker, it's also a full-body piece of clothing, able to take up both leg and shirt slots, while being relatively warm, though. New Equipment: Compass: Exactly as it sounds. Sometimes it's just good to know which way you're facing, and you can do it with a magnet, needle, cork and a cup. Binoculars: It's sometimes hard to tell if that's a rock or a wolf, or a bear. or a dead wolf or bear.
  7. I ended up 3d printing some stencils and had myself a go. Still have the files too. Yeah yeah I know the trees aren't exact. This actually started life as an air-conditioning refrigerant recycling system. in the 90's. Overtime since the chemical itself changed, it was outdated and abandoned. Still have the panel and the gauges I took out. Essentially I turned it into a toolcart and added a bit of lettering to make it less plain. However I did want to keep the worn, faded red paint. Mind the mess, still cleaning the basement... So much has to go.