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  1. It seems we need these 3 things in the game (and make the title of the update as "Last Home"); Makeshift Shovel: allows you to dig snow to uncover buried objects or remove obstacles explanation: adds to immersion and exploration example uses: 1. a door/entrance is blocked by snow, then dig the snow to remove blockage, so that you can enter a house or a cave (and some buried prepper's caches?) 2. a carcass is half buried in snow and cannot be extracted easily 3. want to build an igloo instead of a snow shelter (ideal in places where there is no cave or shelter, maybe make a new area that needs to utilize this?) 4. would like to smack an attacking wolf with a shovel (highest chance of not being hurt during struggle because of it's reach) limitations: 1. needs alot of materials to craft and repair 2. if used in struggle; huge reduction in durability Makeshift Sleigh: allows you to pull small to medium sized carcasses, can also place heavy objects that are hard to be carried individually explanation: more ways to move through the world example uses: 1. would like to butcher carcasses inside home or near home (cannot carry Moose and Bear) 2. would like to carry more items and let wood/quartered meat be placed in it 3. if an animal attacks, can always abandon it and return at a later time 4. would like to ride this going downhill (with risk of sprains and fractured bones if you collide or go down badly) limitations: 1. more stamina is consumed if you are pulling it going uphill or running (both actions has sprain chance) 2. can push it uphill with sprain chance 3. needs alot of both materials and tools to craft and repair 4. cannot be stored in inventory (so you need to pull it and only walk at compatible terrain with it) Other reasons for the shovel and sleigh: 1. carry corpses somewhere and bury them 2. can add new challenges due to these items 3. provides more approaches in playing the game About Sanity Meter: 1. affects recovery rate of fatigue stat when sleeping 2. chocolate bars increase sanity and after a few hours; increased reduction of sanity (does not apply when sleeping, so that these limited items are important when recovering sanity meter before sleeping) 3. higher value provides higher chance of not acquring serious injuries during struggles (bleeding, etc.) 4. repairing items, crafting items, and eating; increase sanity 5. reading books; increase sanity (there are alot of random books in the world used as fuel, why not make another use for them?) 6. being too hungry for a long time; reduces sanity 7. being chased/stalked by hostile wildlife; reduces sanity 8. being seriously injured after a struggle; reduces sanity 9. burying corpses recovers 100% sanity meter and does not reduce it for a week (1 week buff, all modes in sandbox, because corpses are few)