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  1. Hi, thank you for your amazing work, I've been following TLD since the very first public build and I'm really happy to see how much it grew, both in scope and in quality! I have a question about the crafting UI: when you craft pretty much anything at the workbench there are instances where you can choose the tool for crafting, for example the Knife vs the Hatchet, or the Sewing Kit vs the Fishing Tackle. When you select the amount of time to work and then use a "lesser" tool (such as the hatchet, the fishing tackle, or the improvised knife), it looks like the time needed to finish the job is always more than what was displayed before. That means that you basically never reach completion since it follows an asymptotic curve of some sort. Is it a bug o an intended behaviour? Maybe it would work better if we could select the tool before and only then select the amount of time to work, which at that point should be calculated based on the actual tool selected. Thanks!