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  1. Mac OSX 10.13.6 on a 13" MBP here. Is it possible to CMD-F for windowed mode and then let it run on the background while doing something else? I find myself quite often waiting for a certain bear to die, and more than once if the place isn't as secure as I thought it would be, using the in-game method of passing time (playing cards, that is) I come to a huge set of teeth ripping into me. Also, more than once I've set the timer to about 4 hrs and had a nap or whatever, and then spend the next two days trying to find the carcass. I'd just like to browse reddit or *cough* do some work while I wait for the bear above me to die, while I stand on a cliff ledge below it. Edit: come to think of it, windowed mode isn't even necessary for this, just background game advance while other programs are on top.
  2. Moro. 50-v virtuaalieränkävijä Oulusta.