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  1. I tried that and indeed it seems that my fps increases significantly. I like SSAO because it gives a really nice vibrant color to the shadows and on broad daylight it is really nice. I am really tired of the current Post FX bug tho. I enjoy the game as is, but paying for a rig like that only to depend on the developers motivation to fix these graphical issues after changing to Unity are really frustrating. I don't insult them, they are very good developers, but this bug exists since Novemeber 2018 I believe? Months have passed and the issue remains which makes me believe they don't care about it, otherwise they would have answered to this post long ago.
  2. So I started playing after a while again and noticed that my fps was rather lower than usual. I went from 4K max settings at >100fps to 48 on average. Even more weird is that when I look at the building or the ground, my FPS drops like stone in water, going from 100 to 44 fps. I played around with the setting and noticed that putting Post FX from Ultra or High on medium would solve this issue but at the cost of beautiful light and visual scenery. Interesting enough, putting Post FX on low is even WORSE (lol?) This makes no sense. Is there any fix on the way because I noticed that these issues have been around since December and I am worried that this will never be fixed. My specs: i7-7700K 4.6GHz 2x 1080 in SLI 16GB DDR4 RAM Windows 10 OS Latest Driver