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  1. So I was finally taking my time to go up timber wolf mountain it has before been a place were I have died many silly deaths so I was filled up with stuff this time. When I finely hit the motherland on top of the mountain I was experience a problem, I cannot take all this lovely things with me as every time I get to a rope I have to get rid of my lovely new stuff. So It would be rather handy to be able to trow things of the cliff.. I mean in real life I would not hesitate to trow down my tomato soup, firewood or perhaps even my MRE ofc there should be a risk of the item being lost, broken or loss of durability. I shall admit I have not read every post so this has most likely been said before someplace else but hey the more the merrier :D anyways have a lovely day :)
  2. I know they almost killed me more then once, what i ment is that were I live in Norway at the local cannery its really safe to eat unlike ingame
  3. So About 30% off the time I eat those tiny fishes I get food poison, so now I don't eat em unless I have some antibiotics laying around. I can eat dogfood, soda pop ect at 1% but those fishes get me every time what I do find a bit ironic is that in RL at the local cannery they have like lets eat 50year old fish in a can day.. and none has ever died.. they taste a bit bland but still not bad for you at all.. so am just a bit confused.. that whats in my mind should be the most safe food is what has killed me the most.. but after vising the cannery, well it was a bit messy (thought it was the earthquake) so I see why the fish may be polluted.. however still..
  4. Nighttime during a blizzard at timberwolf mountin, was out of stuff to burn and walked off a cliff... as I could not see were I was walking..
  5. *spoiler warning about episode 1 and 2* You have talks with the Gray Mother about Astrid, and you find her scarf in the buss on the other side of the tunnel, things like that.. small hints.. can't remember in detail as Its been a wile sins I played episode 1 and 2.. but yes there are talks about Astrid there..
  6. remind me in the start of the Stephen king novel, but I must say, she is like.. um go in the basement, and theres a corpse there.. not even hidden... and its like ummm ofc I noticed, And if the wolfs had the man, they would not let a prey go so it would not be a whole not bloody person laying there in the basement. it would be a little more well.. mutilated, but oh well. and then when she went back to the house when you went outside to get in the barn her felt a bit weird, why did I not see her.. its not that far to walk, its a blizzard , she would not wander off the rope so for me that was a bit unlogical. . I must say the whole Molly story line was rather creepy ... but at least she took care of the prison persons.. so am happy for that..
  7. I shot one of them on really close range and they normally just go away, think its random if you get attack of not, don't think I got it on one of them..
  8. I spent the night at signal hill in the blizzard the blizzard ended then..
  9. Well the area I live in has litterly been carved out during the last ice age so we have large fjords not far from were I live, so you can walk on what seems flat then suddenly theres a large drop down so can be scary if you hike in the mountains in unknown areas.
  10. thats such lovely art, could be something I would have on my walls, I love nature so all my art are nature, expect my kids drawings and art
  11. HI hope you have fun nice to meet you
  12. Would I love an episode 3 ofc, I can't wait for the cliffhanger episode 2 left us on, however what I understood part 3 will be more about Astrid, so guess that cliffhanger will be a wile longer to wait on. However I am a unsure if theres a word for it, but I play 1 game alot for a period then hardly anything for a wile then that game some more if it was a good game, to give an example if you are familiar with the dragon age game, the first episode you can chose race, gender and class and the way you play that race will change how the game is, so ofc I had to play every race, gender and class to get every aspect of the game... then I done that I wont play that game until the next exp comes out then I ofc have forgotten how the first game was so then I have to play the first game just before the second game comes out so I can tailor how that game is... and so on.. so for me that means that even if I played story mode several times, every time there is an update or change I play the game, just to get the different game aspect. So you can bet whenever episode 3 comes out I have to play 1 and 2 just to refresh my memory.. oki back to The long dark, when I got the game it was still in beta I think and we only had sandbox and a few maps, so for me it has been awile. but as others has said I rather wait for a good game then a rush and that it suck... but still I would love to get the rest of the story
  13. Hi I am from Norway, .. I currently live on the vest coast on a hill/mountain overlooking the north sea. So a bit like the long dark without the snow... there are wolfs but not was far vest as here, we don't have moose here but we have a lot of deer. When we got married we lived inland in the east and got snowed in every winter, got moose in our garden so. yeah, love snow, terrified of moose always say I rather meet a wolf then a moose.. still mean it, even in game Is that like desert? I always wanted to see a Desert.. and have a giant cactus in my garden.. Oh Australia is on my list of places I really want to see.. until I see the size of the bugs then I am so happy that our bugs are tiny and harmless... So is the long dark landscape a lot like Canada?
  14. animals as pet? Afraid the poor pets ending up as food... as if you have a pet.. at some point you have to eat your pet or your pet will eat you...
  15. Came out of the gas station in Coastal Highway, got jumped by 2 wolfs, 1 got scared by my gun the other jumped me. As I was applying the bandage and antiseptic and such a bear came, so had to hide in a car .. other time I just came out from a cave into the pleasant vally map and as I were drawing the map I got jumped by a bear.. the end..