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  1. I'm wondering if this time capsule is planned/can be added to consoles such as ps4? (I say that cause I the TLD on ps4) even if its just versions that only appeared on ps4 and not the ones originally pc exclusive, I imagine its possible but I'm not a developer so I don't know much.
  2. im not sure if this is a trick only some learn or its just basic knowledge, but haven't seen it mentioned, the open fence behind the maintenance yard in the broken railroad region (leading to the hunting lodge) there is often a few wolves between the fence and the walk to the frozen pond. ive counted found as many as 1-4 wolves patrolling, i don't think ive ever gotten through without a wolf being there though, so be ready with either the revolver or anything to scare them. also fun fact: if a wolf starts stalking you and you cant outrun/hide from it then its not the worst idea (especially on easier difficulty's) to make a quick fire, it doesn't have to succeed in starting, you just have to act as your starting a fire, it will send the wolf running. id also like to be clear this trick only works on wolves, if you try on a bear or moose they will not care in the slightest and will gladly claw/stomp on you. hope this helps anyone.
  3. still working on it but ive gotten better, but im still always kinda going out of my way to make sure it wont see me. but I got over my wolf fear by just running up to one and letting it attack me, now I kinda do it for fun sometimes. because wolf struggle are quite fun to me now. Edit: im not even that scared of bears, tried killing them before but their fast, and take a long time to bleed out. and im extremely unlucky I shot at a bear 6 times (only missed 1 shot) and its was still running around, feels like passive wildlife makes them immune to bullets or something. idk jus my luck I guess.
  4. indeed moose have a low chance of actually spawning even on high spawn rates (such as interloper and stalker) they do have their specific spawn points (the moose rubs on trees) its just something they do, and the reason I asked about the moose obeying predator grace period is because on the TLD wiki it specifies them as "prey" technically meaning they do not obey the rule, yet they will attack on sight (without passive wildlife on anyway)
  5. Are you telling me that moose (and bears but I don't really care about the bears as much the moose) don't obey the passive wildlife rule?? because I've heard they don't but I've never been able to find a clear answer so it would be really helpful if someone could confirm or not if they obey the rule, im sure bears obey is because I had a pilgrim game going and I saw the bear around trappers cabin in ML and I had just left the cabin, like I was still on the hill. and the bear detected me and ran away, I assumed at the time (because I was still very new to the game) that it was because of the passive wildlife rule, but I was above it, and wildlife will flee if they cant find a path to you, now im debating which of the 2 reasons it could be because there's a quite clear path but I was quite high above it so the game might have just considered it to high, but then again ive seen Hadrian (a tld youtuber) get followed by a bear in PV and he climbed the robe (the one going up to signal hill) and the bear followed him all the way up and down so I don't know what to think anymore. tldr; do moose (and bear but mostly moose) obey the passive wildlife rule? and do they obey the Predator Grace Period rule?
  6. Your ideas are very creative, but they don't really follow suit of what the games built on. it seems like you've taken these ideas on inspiration from a game like Fallout.
  7. all of these ideas a great and cool, i really like them, but they don't follow the games style of isolation and fending off the cold, but these idea might work in a separate mode (or even game) ive seen ideas of people wanting a mode of where its before the collapse and people are still living a thriving, i love the idea, but i feel like it would damage the style of the game.
  8. yeah @Timmytwothumbs medical books would be very realistic and there could a be a feat (like the fire master feat) for it to. i thought it was a good idea, but others have given good reasons to why it would be a bit of a stretch to have in the game, but I still like the idea.
  9. @bush_amb you kind of mentioned this but scaring (for example a deer) into a wolf and having the deer get killed by the wolf and then killing the wolf is a great way to conserve ammo and get more food. also, yes locating the wolf is important, but running away is good, it will jog (if you will) to keep up with you but you are able to outrun it if you conserve your sprint into one big dash away from it. also one thing important about struggles is that hatchets are good for killing the wolf asap after the struggle, while knives are good at killing, they make the wolf bleed out and have (I believe but correct me if I'm wrong) a tiny bit shorter struggle times, while blunt weapons (hammer, revolver, prybar, etc.) just scare the wolf away which I believe has the shortest struggle. and with areas to shoot the animal, as any game with a gun go's, aim for the head. but a body shot can be a instant kill as well if you a bit on luck, and much easier to do, but like I mentioned, using a deer is a good way to conserve ammo and get more food. but if you don't have a rifle or revolver and get desperate then purposely getting into a struggle is not the worst idea, I play easier difficulty's, and when i get low on food and i know there's some wolves nearby, i might just get into a struggle and use my knife, sacrificing a bit of condition of myself and clothing isn't the worst price to pay for some food (along with a hide and some guts!) these are just a few tips i can come up with off the top of my head. i hope even one can help someone with their experience
  10. on the second flight of stairs in the DP lighthouse, behind some the boxes (only able to see by breaking them or going on the stairs and looking through) I found a jerry can, I was really surprised to find it there and always check there from now on
  11. I see your point, I think your right in the fact that an overhaul with these mechanics put in place would act a leveling wall (like how the bow skill requires level 5 to crouch and shoot) and with something as key to survival as your health I guess its something that shouldn't be blocked by level walls, but if they wanted realistic-ness over fun gameplay I believe that's how they would handle because in real life, some people have better knowledge of medicine then others and some wouldn't know how treat intestinal parasites. but I see it would be stupid (for lack of a better word) to make it have to be a leveling thing. I just believed that as medicine for treating illness and injury would be a good skill to have in the wild, but I see it would cause problems for the fun of the game. you really brought up a good point @ManicManiac
  12. I have a fear of moose, and I don't really know why, I know how to counter them and even the best ways to hunt them. but I have a fear of them and I don't know why. does anyone else have a general fear of them? keep in mind im not scared of dying from the moose, I am scared OF the moose.
  13. Yes, I thought of it as something that would reduce the needs of injury’s (like the 1 painkiller instead of 2 example) and not being able to instantly heal them, but I don’t think grinding injury’s would work as it would pose such a risk to the players condition that they would die before even making it worthwhile, but like over time when you take the risk going over that steep hill and then sprain your ankle, little things like that would be more efficient and effective then just nearly killing yourselves to pop painkillers and get wrapped in bandages.
  14. these are really great ideas, the cauterize thing should also be available with the hatchet but it severely damages (or even breaks completely) the hatchet or knife. the stitching is also a really good idea.
  15. I think a medical skill would be a great addition to the game, as treating wounds and illnesses is a key part of survival in the wild, yet its not a skill on the list, perks such as only needing 1 painkiller to treat injury's instead of 2. (useful especially on modes like Stalker and Interloper where your resources come down to every little thing.) Does Anyone else think this should be one of the listed skills?