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  1. The calmness, and the occasional excitement that makes your heart pound. Like just now, making my way back to the house I'm camped up in, carrying some meat and hides, holding a lit flare because I can see a wolf nearby.... but then there are 3 wolves, and the flare is about to run out, probably before I get to safety! Try to sprint but quite exhausted, will I make it? Will they rip me to shreds?..... Made it! Just! Safe!
  2. I just got the Faithful Cartographer trophy, wasnt sure if i needed to go back to PV and map again so I did.... but the new plane crash and Molly's barn arent named on survival mode (you can imagine how chuffed I was when I trekked all the way to the plane crash for no reason haha). I remapped where the crossroads are, not sure if that is necessary or not for the achievement. Hope this helps
  3. Jump out of my skin if the baby cries / the dog comes in the room / any random noise occurs!
  4. Thanks for the replies I'll keep some antibiotics or reishi tea on me just in case for when I run out of the bear meat I've cooked off ready
  5. Just a quick question... got to level 5 cooking and it said I will not get parasites or food poisoning.... so i ate some raw bear meat and got food poisoning! Is it only cooked food that will not give me food poisoning/parasites?