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  1. Oddly, there isn't a folder named ''AppData'' in users folder. I only found the game folder in steam folder under the name the long dark. there isn't any hinterland folder either.
  2. its been almost a week they still haven't got back to me can you help me? cause i really missed playing the game i don't wanna return it.
  3. i dont have a controller sadly thats not the problem
  4. I did report it yet no one replied. None of the suggestions worked. I really need help.
  5. I'm sorry, English is my second language. Can you be more specific?
  6. Yes they work for anything else but TLD. I searched on Google but couldn't find a problem like this. Some people's space bar menu isn't working vice versa. I bought the original game 2 weeks ago and since then there wasn't an update. But the day the problem occured, the game offered me a key binding renewal and gave me an update information page like it has just been updated. I emailed TLD support, wrote the forums everywhere but they didn't get back.
  7. My mouse and keyboard won't work during the game. In the main menu everything is perfectly fine. But when the game starts, the environment is still running, my character is getting cold, the wind blows, but i cant move or look around. I cant even exit the game. I have to alt+tab everytime? It's been like this for 3 days. I tried rebooting steam and my pc but it didn't work. I uninstalled the game and installed it again. Still didn't work. Please help me.