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  1. So I noticed that for the survival bow, the arrows are called simple arrows. Does this imply you plan to add another type of arrow in the future, or does the name have no meaning? Also, about my last post with the flashlight, I think if it could be used in a struggle it would be more useful, or if the battery you got from an aurora was still there after the aurora, so even though you can’t recharge it until the next aurora it would still be more usable.
  2. If you had to add another major game mechanic(like being able to make clothes in something like a sewing machine or a new tool with its own unique purpose) what would it be and why? Also, are you planning to make any changes to the flashlight? Currently it’s pretty specialized as a tool for auroras only, and I understand this might have been designed this way purposely, I feel it would be more useful if it had another use.