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  1. I'm in trouble. I make the challenge to go to the timberlan wolf mountain to retrieve the bengal gun. but it is the first time I discover this map and there is also fog. I do not see anything. I could orient myself to see the highest mountain peak. I know that I have to study the map well and then redo the challenge.
  2. Ciao a tutti ci sono anche io!
  3. yesterday, it happened that to hunt a deer .. I had two wolves on my left side at medium distance. I frighten the deer not wanting and I begin to follow him. the deer runs off towards the wolves ... too late. the wolf charges and begins to eat the prey on the ground. I approach and with the arrow I get two beautiful carcasses. Good tactic.
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    Thanks for reading i love setting the long dark.. I like to fantasize about other settings.. but if you can't do it.. other ideas: - Wet wood, difficult to light the fire. - Fire flame to sterilize the knife blade. - Flame of the fire to harden the spearhead with fire, used with tree branches collected on the ground ... if you don't have firearms, to defend yourself from wolves - Flame of the fire to harden the tip with improvised arrows, without metal tip. - use of coal to mark our passage on a tree trunk. - the coal plus other elements is useful for filtering and purifying water. - charcoal plus tree resin to create the pitch, to be used for the torch. - use of coal over wounds to suck the infection. - Ash placed on a wound can stop bleeding. I hope the translator makes it clear to you
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    Hello, a greeting. I'm new to the forum. I love The long dark. My wishes? Berries to eat? if it is consistent with the cold setting. it would be nice to see also: owl, beaver, lynx, mustelids, mountain lion, snow goat, hedgehog, bison, eagle ... Or: online with some players? Or, a different setting in Canada, where there isn't snow.. sorry for my english