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  1. I hadn't considered the ratings board issue with the topic of addiction; that makes perfect sense. Thanks for answering.
  2. The question about having to use a dose of painkillers per injury got me to thinking, and I don't think I've seen this asked (though I may have missed it). The topic of addiction is touched upon in story mode, and I was wondering if it might be something you'd consider implementing into the player experience at some point. To me, currently, the painkillers as a panacea takes away some of the fear of injury in the game; as long as I'm judicious about my fatigue and footing, sprains are rare, painkillers weigh next to nothing to carry, tend to be plentiful enough to stockpile, and instantly heal the injury. Even the threat of wolves is lessened to worrying more about clothing being ruined. I think it could be interesting to see painkillers used as a temporary fix (you still have to rest and heal the injury, but in the mean time, the pain returns after, say, six hours), or as one that must be weighed against other options (rest or natural remedies) because there's a chance for tolerance or addiction if you rely too heavily on them. I can also see where this might become tedious for management though to some players, so I understand if it's been considered and decided against. I appreciate the time and thought you put into community interactions and especially to answering player questions. Thanks so much.