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  1. The bow STILL has issues -when aiming and the releasing with out firing it sometimes makes a repetitive noise that doesn’t go away until you put the bow away -bow was invisible after I transitioned into a different zone after above issue . Reloaded bow visible crafting time issue - when switching from rabbit hat to deer boots Crafting time states 12.5 hrs -when switching from deer pants to deer boots Crafting time states 12.5 hrs -When switching from hook to deer boots Crafting time states 12.5 hrs -BUT when switching from bear skin bed roll to deer boots crafting time states 25HRS -Xbox one
  2. I was at mystery lake and shot the bear with the pistol on the rock above the lone cabin he ran off above the rope climb by lake trail I chaised him up couldn’t find him stayed and made water and maybe slept went back to the lone cabin and he was there slept in cabin til morning because of blizzard then shot a bow Close right behind his head he paused I never found my arrow And ran toward the middle of the lake slowed down at the edge I approached shot again kinda low but I think I hit (never found arrow again )he ran away and I shot him with the pistol he attacked me i shot him again and got the rifle out shot 1 and thought I had the 2nd shot but didn’t and got attacked again then I shot him with the bow he ran away I went in the cabin and went to bed morning my loss of rabbit hat and gloves ruined and my other hat ruined. Bear cloak -20% to 68% deer pants and boots at 30% and 15 % from 80ish.. woke up with him dead no arrow and my bow was visible at the start of this game several days ago but went invisible at day 15ish now day 41 and only now having arrow problems killed 3 wolves eating only lost one arrow then (more acceptable) lol Xbox 1