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  1. Pretty good idea, very detailed. Can I say I always want to take the backpack off the map and use it for myself
  2. Dark_Winter_OP


    It's not just candles! We used to put candles in a spherical thin stick bracket wrapped in paper (or cloth), not only illuminated, but also windproof!
  3. It's a good idea to eat in bulk. I think the purpose of this studio design is probably to allow you to accurately regulate calories. As for the cat tail,……it really doesn't taste good.
  4. I think I have an idea that we can have a new model where we can pick out the items we want from the console for a variety of experiments, such as gun targeting exercises. (Я думаю, у меня есть идея, что мы можем иметь новую модель, где мы можем выбрать элементы, которые мы хотим от консоли для различных экспериментов, таких как пушки ориентации упражнений)
  5. Hey, About this menu, I mean, it's not about making Chinese food. My idea is that we can make some simple soups out of natural plants and meat, and if we can make Canadian specialties better. I think these dishes can provide us with more benefits, such as longer warm times, similar to the status response of birch leather tea, and more.
  6. Your possible Chinese friend

  7. Hello, players and community. I'm a player from China. There are many cuisines in China, so I think it will be cool if we can use fish, meat and ganoderma lucidum or others to make a soup. (It can provide more calories than eat these ingredients alone)