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  1. Ah, jetzt wird mir einiges klar :D

    Ich nehme die Karten oft und gerne zu Hilfe, weil mir für die Erkundung einfach die Zeit fehlt. Es ist trotzdem oft eine Herausforderung, die Karte ins Gelände zu übertragen und den richtigen Weg zu finden.

  2. Hi, I bet this question has been asked before, but I wasn´t able to find something through search-function.

    How do I open safes? I tried a few times and I think there should be a small click(?) but I never heard something that would have given me a hint...

  3. I don´t have a real survival story of my own, but I´m one of those who volunteer to head out and search and rescue the ones who get in these kind of situations. I volunteer for a search and rescue dog organization and I´m a trained squadleader for that purpose. As I life in europe everyone is usually fairly close to civilization but there are still hikingareas and mountains in the alps where you are a few hours walking distance away from every help.

    In my about 60 operations I had numerous encounters with different types of victims. Hikers who fell or just got lost, kids who went on exploration, elderly people with dementia not knowing where they are and sadly many many suicides.

    Our operations often take place during nighttime and often under bad weatherconditions. My job as squadleader is to find the way into our expelled area for the search and then to set up the dog handlers with their dogs to greatest effect. And in all of this to make sure no one of the team gets lost himself. I was in a few dangerous situations myself, including a search in a really heavy rain (like a shit ton of rain), avalanches, searches in heavy snowing, a dog which jumped into a canal with concrete walls and was swept away (I managed to drag him out by a bridge where I bent over) and a teammember who broke his leg and had to be carried out of the woods.
    Of course then there are the victims who only could be found dead, often only a few hundred meters away from safety.

    I think what I´m trying to say is, that "mother" nature can be a tough opponent and one should never go out unprepared. This may be the wrong place to do it, because I guess, that people in here have more experience with survival or at least do think about it more than the average hiker. But still it can do no harm ;)

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  4. Es ist ja jetzt schon einige Zeit her, dass die Karten erstellt wurden. Wie aktuell sind diese denn? Hat sich da viel verändert? Ich bin im Moment (als Frischling) nur am Rätselsee unterwegs und habe zB den Bunker der oberhalb der Kletterstelle im Süden sein soll nicht gefunden (wie sieht so ein Zugang überhaupt aus?).

  5. Hi,

    I bought TLD in the recent Steam-Sale and I´m very satisfied with my buy so far. As I always try to be an active member in the community of whatever game I´m currently playing I want to say hello to you veterans of the game. I hope I will find the guidance I seek to get to really enjoy this game in the way I´m able to play it.


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