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  1. Does Admin answer this?? This post is almost a week ago....
  2. Yes, i am confused on this too. I have " Overall resources" on low. Yet, even with Revolver turned on, 3 zones of looting has not yielded a single bullet, pistol, or firearm kit. Just does not seem consistent.
  3. Does admin actually look at real replies and bugs?? Or too busy reading comic books in the studio??? This post for a simple answer is almost 3 months old. There is time for a reply.
  4. Ok. Any pliers available?? This is like pulling teeth.
  5. Ok thx. But, i have found the revolver with 'rifle availability ' turned to off. It seems to be inconsistent on the settings.
  6. Has this been confirmed by admin please? No spoiler location etc., just if the custom setting will spawn the revolver. If the setting 'rifle availability' is off, will the revolver spawn? Admin pls let us know, thanks.
  7. I love the LD, been playing for years. But, the mailbag replies are just too vague. We see "we will look into that. Or, its a possibility, or i have already touched on that.' Why not wait and give definitive and non open-ended answers with time frames?? You are going to loose your core player base unless the pace and game progression is accelerated.
  8. I don't think the Canadian wilderness has much chinese food floating around.
  9. Yes. Please clarify the custom settings for the revolver. Overall Resorces on low does not seem to spawn revolvers or ammo, even with Rifle Availability on. Thx,
  10. Hi, I play a custom setting of Interloper with the rifle turned on. Yet, this does not seem to spawn the revolver, or even it's ammo. Does the first table setting 'overall' need to be on medium to spawn revolvers? Thank you,