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  1. Are you in the cave? You need to spear the bear three times and it will die. If you are finding it difficult, use Options -> Accessibility -> Press and hold - makes the struggle much, much easier. Just press the left mouse button and the bear will kill itself against your spear. You cannot kill it before the cave section, before you will only be able to scare it away (while harvesting radio components)
  2. Various methods of preserving meat for future use have always been on humanity's radar. In The Long Dark, as in real life, things spoil. It's an essential mechanic, so you cannot hoard 100kgs of bear steak under your bedroll and call it a day...or two months. The thing is, it would be great to have some method of meat preservation in place - spending some time to dry out/salt the meat, so it lowers the weight, but makes you thirstier after consumption. Additionally, the weather never reaches above zero temperatures - therefore it should be possible to stack some steaks in an outside container and have it never deteriorate - as shelf life of raw meat is measured in months. The downside - for balancing reasons, obviously - you would have to thaw the meat before consumption/cooking, essentially providing the player with another challenge - the need to plan thawing your meat day the day before being able to use it in any way. It's just an idea, what do you think, guys? Let's brainstorm.
  3. Hi. New user, and a pirate here. Let me just tell you that if it wasn't for the pirated version, I would probably have never bought it. In my country, where wages are shit in comparison to most of the "civilized" world and therefore, the games are really expensive. I decided to buy The Long Dark only after I played it for about 40-50 hours, and read your posts about not being vehemently anti-modding, but reasonably protective of your artistic vision. So, there's that. Thank you.