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  1. Oh that's an easy answer. If there is anything in the EULA that says I can't modify my game, well that's illegal and the EULA is void. I've purchased the software and I own my copy of the game. I can modify game files however I see fit, as long as I don't try to make profit off someone else's work Of course when I mess it up I won't go crying to the developer about it, because I understand the risks of tinkering. Hope I've explained that a bit better. If you're interested there are some great guys on YouTube that go into "videogame law" and all this stuff to help people like you and me understand our rights better.
  2. Hey there. You don't seem to understand what I said about contracts so I'll clarify. Anyone can write anything they want in any EULA agreement. Both parties can sign this and agree. But if there is something illegal in the EULA then that contract is VOID. HERE'S an example. Person A makes End User Licence Agreement that says somewhere in it that they can persecute you and make you their slave. Person B agrees to this. Now unfortunately for Person A slavery is illegal! So the entire EULA is invalid and void. That's how contracts work. They must be legal. They are not binding 100% because you signed it. That's all. Pretty extreme example but I want to make it very clear what in saying
  3. I wasn't going to continue the off-topic discussion but... I don't remember seeing any mention of a support ticket. But yes, I will submit a ticket if for some reason I can't get it to be a normal brightness next time I play, I'd love to not have to play with my TV settings when I play different games. Thanks again for your time, can't say I envy you either- this entire thread would stress me out if I were in your shoes.
  4. I appreciate you're not tech support, and this thread probably isn't the best spot for getting into this issue right now. (really off topic!) I've said what I needed to say, which is basically summed up as "I like mods, they made the game fun for me again." What I'll do is give it another run through, and if it's still incredibly dark in all scenarios send you guys a tweet or something?
  5. And that's genuinely great to hear. I'm probably not going to update my PC version of the game... but I'll try it on Xbox One however playing that's largely been impossible with the game just being too dark.
  6. On the back of that, modding brought back life into my game. I'd spent a good 100-120 hours on vanilla/normal gameplay and that was it. Mods for TLD brought another 400 hours into my life and I'm so glad I got to experience that. They can certainly make the game too easy, but they can also make the game much harder! It depends how you allow yourself to play Much love and hope you quiet apocalypse goes strong!
  7. Hey there! You seem to have a misunderstanding of the mods which were created. Yes there are some "god mode" mods which existed. I'm not trying to pretend that fly mode, inventory manipulation, etc is fixing a bug. The Custom mode settings were pretty buggy and messed up, despite changing them they actually changed nothing. There were some issues with crafting where you might get stuck in an infinite loop and just have to watch your character starve/freeze to death. Torches were coded strangely to always give the same % based on where you stood. You used to be able to shoot a bow that wasn't fully crafted (only spend 30 minutes making and it worked as if you spent 5 hours) A bunch of other things were added that certainly weren't cheating, and that's not all mods are about anyway. Thanks for taking the time to read my rambling
  8. I mean, you're wrong on that front. It's not illegal to mod games and publish mods, they aren't being sold. You can say whatever you like in your EULA, and we can agree to it, but if it's incorrect in the eyes of the law then that contract is void. And I'm sorry but you're wrong as well. We do have a choice, continue to put effort and time into modding. They didn't approve of it before and look at all the great things we accomplished.
  9. I made an account just to respond here... I don't think he's twisting your words at all. When I read what you wrote I felt exactly the same thing. I don't think wanting certain parts of my game to not be bugged is antagonizing, and the fact someone else is putting in work to fix that is great. I don't want to be insulting to you, but the game has problems that other people have fixed, for free. That's a good thing for me.