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  1. Damn I totally forgot about him
  2. I really like that you can see the changing weather through the windows of the lookout
  3. Same here I do really want to know more about Methuselah but like I have said on a different topic I made I want to know much more about Jeremiah as he seems not to be telling us everything he knows
  4. And he always is where Will needs to go and he comments on things what happen during the story
  5. I agree he does and I actually hope they don't tell us everything about him as sometimes it is fun to wonder about things but I really do want to know more
  6. Agreed and so far only will has seen him be really interesting to see if Astrid bumps into him as well
  7. Who Do You Think Is The More Interesting NPC and Why?
  8. Or it could be a optional extra in a game
  9. I'm same as you collect everything even if I have no space for it
  10. I haven't really explored PV as you said the weather is horrible but I do love the farmstead when I do pass though PV
  11. I agree like today I started a new game and it was already foggy and the railroad helps a lot so very easy to find and drop of supplies
  12. @ajb1978 Agreed coastal highway is always a good place to stay for a while as you said there is many resources and places to go and stay
  13. @stratvox Im same as you I like more rural areas of TLD I do love the mystery lake lodge but I really like FM and BR and HRV as there isn't many human made structures and you haft to live off the land