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  1. That's why I'm playing Custom mode without Cabin Fever. I love this game but Cabin fever seems like a joke to me and not a good one. Absolutely doesn't help me to feel more immersive in a game. I mean I can spend one month+ at home in a real life without any problems(especially during quarantine) but my guy Will Mackenzie spends a couple of days in a warm house and then decides that it's too easy for him and he need to spend the next 24 hours in a cold cave to recover. He can die any moment outside from a bear/wolf/moose attack or just cold and can't sleep in a house. Really?
  2. Yep, I'd probably create a custom game with settings harder than in Interloper but added firearms if I needed to unlock feats and was able to do this is Custom mode.
  3. I had Efficient Machine and Cold Fusion almost unlocked through Interloper and then grinded the last ~20-25% in Pilgrim very fast. So I agree with you, no need in removing feats achieving in Custom mode.
  4. I agree and don't see a reason for this. I've already unlocked all feats I need(Cold Fusion and Efficient Machine) so it's no problem for me. Btw you can make Custom mode much more easier than Pilgrim.
  5. I'm wondering did you guys fix non-spawning cartridges and firearm cleaning kits in Custom mode(when baseline resource availability is set to "Low" but rifle/revolver is enabled)? I'm asking because not all changes are included in patch notes for some reason.
  6. It's confirmed - cartridges and firearm cleaning kits doesn't spawn when Baseline resource availability is set to "Low"(Medium or higher works as usual) but rifle and revolver are enabled in Custom mode. I've reported this issue to their support, hope it will be fixed soon because I really like Custom mode with hard settings but with firearms to able to use new craft mechanics.
  7. Does anyone know is it possible to find a rounds for rifle/revolver when Baseline Resource Availability is set to Low(Interloper) in custom settings or you can only craft them? I haven't found any ammunition on this code yet: 8snM/z8PHx9vzaKm-OGMC . Absolutely wound't mind if it was made intentionally and you have to craft rounds on this difficulty.
  8. Thank you guys. It's time to start a new game on the hardest custom settings but with rifle and revolver to be able to use these new interesting mechanics and craft ammunition
  9. I've heard from some people and youtubers that it's possible to find a revolver on the Interloper in Hushed River Valley. I can't prove it myself rn but I remember that in the past there was a chance to find a hunting knife on the Interloper too, so maybe it's true about revolver spawn.
  10. It is possible to set up Hypothermia level but not other diseases. I'm playing on the nearly hardest custom settings and would like to make diseases as much painful as on the Interloper.
  11. I hated those lagging crouch animations, thanks for the fix. Btw I'm playing on the hardest Custom settings and this new baiting system will definitely make it even harder. And you know what, I like it!
  12. I've noticed some sound changes(in a good way, I guess), maybe because TLD no more supports the 32-bit CPUs. Is this true?