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  1. Thanks, I’m glad you like them. Yes it would be a shame to detract from the ‘quiet apocalypse’ the game portrays so well at the moment. I guess some of these events could be implemented more passively (for example overnight) so the environment changes but you aren’t walking around watching trees crash down around you.
  2. You’re right, dynamics (if you’re talking true dynamics) would be a lot more work. And of course adding anything new to the game would be too, but it’s certainly not impossible. Maybe not even difficult in some cases. For example avalanches and tree falls. A lot of game design is about finding creative/simple ways to implement complex looking systems. Often the systems themselves aren’t complex... but the player doesn’t know that. For example, you don’t have to see avalanches/tree falls/snow falls happen for them to be effective. These could be simple block meshes generated and placed overnight, while the player is inside/asleep or even behind other objects in the distance with sound cues. There are a lot of ways these could be done without interfering with existing systems 🙂. I work in game development so most of my suggestions were made with that in mind and could be faked. Though I’m not pretending to know anything about Hinterland’s pipeline or engine. Whales and other distant animals would be awesome! (I hope this didn’t come across as patronising or preachy btw... that wasn’t my intention).
  3. Thanks. I’m glad you like the backpack idea. If I had to pick one thing it would be that too!
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    Great idea!
  5. Agreed. Don't get me wrong, the environmental design is great, but it definitely feels lacking - especially when you've been in one region for a while. Dynamic snowfall/depth would be really complex (probably impossible) to implement but there are definitely some more simple options.
  6. Firstly, please let me say that I LOVE the game. I'm about 200hrs in (trying to reach 500). So far there are only a few things that I feel could improve the experience, which I've detailed below... Backpacks as items My biggest frustration with the game is not being able to drop the backpack (and its contents) to pick up later - either inside for safekeeping or outside for extra speed. It would also be a fantastic way of creating movable caches or backpacks for different weather conditions. Expanded foraging Second biggest frustration is the lack of edible flora like berries or root vegetables. The game seems weighted towards hunting which I feel both encourages a reliance on weaponry, makes exploration problematic (because meat smell) and discourages foraging. More dynamic environment Third is that Great Bear Island doesn't really feel alive. It's really well designed and full of surprises... but (apart from the weather) it's not dynamic. a) Dynamic obstacles like avalanches, ice melts and snow buildup could make exploration more spontaneous. b) Dynamic events like tree falls, bale fires and building collapse could both affect exploration and make the world feel more alive. c) More small, non intractable fauna like birds, mice, insects and rodents could make the world feel more alive. These events could happen in real-time for maximum impact or while sleeping for easier implementation. Increased weather patterns In contrast, Great Bear Island's weather is really dynamic and I'd love to see more weather types. The mysterious nature of 'the event' gives a little more creative freedom regarding weather patterns but hail, thunder or seismic activity are all believable options. Burning houses I'd really enjoy it if there was some danger to using fire indoors. Like the potential of burning the house down and having to move on. Campfire breakdown The ability to break down a campfire would be really useful. Thanks for reading!