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  1. I'm about 20 hits away from level 5. I usually provoke a wolf, drop a decoy, walk back a few paces and wait until he picks up the bait then shoot him in the butt. He'll run around a bit after being hit but then slows down making it extremely easy to get up close behind him to shoot him again (somewhere not critical). Sometimes, this process can be repeated up to 3 times with the same wolf. I expect to be at level 5 before long.
  2. I'm never that lucky Nice story!
  3. I've been playing in TWM for the past 100 days or so on my current save and never realized the roof had a hole in it. LOL. I had no reason to look up until you mentioned it. Now that I see it, I feel like a total newb. Thanks
  4. Perhaps, but then you would all see how badly I play this game I forgot about this entirely until he started coming back after my first arrow hit him in the hind. Had I anticipated his return, I would have created more fires and perhaps had them all raging fires. Either way, the bear went right through it like the fires weren't even there (to my chagrin, lol). I also should have placed the fires closer to the hunter's blind. A total miscalculation on my part. Luckily, I survived. Up to 300 days on that save.
  5. Ok, so I gave it a go... and he charged right through. I was so shocked, I froze before I come run back into the hunter's blind in time so I got mauled... But he came back so I exercised my right for revenge He gave me a defying look.... before he died So, I do not advised trying this on a valued safe. This was done on my 217 day save and I nearly died. Totally reckless.
  6. I would be fun to try. I will give it a go on one of my testing runs.
  7. When I'm hit with the risk of cabin fever, for me it's usually a good time to go fishing in a fishing hut. But this time, since I was getting close to the fire-starter badge, I figured I would create a fire-starting production line shielded from the prevailing winds... Using torches from some previous fires and some spare sticks, I was able to chain roughly 80 fires in fairly short order to receive the badge just as my torch was running out... Maybe am I feeling the ill effects of cabin fever to pull a tedious stunt like this but it was nice to finally get the badge
  8. You must have your revolver skill high enough for that. I'm still at level 3. Is it at level 4 or 5 that you can use it to take a shot at the wolf?
  9. Had two sprains back to back (like within 30 secs of each other) while climbing to Signal Hill in PV. Apart from that, only one other sprain while playing about 70 days worth on survival mode. Mainly playing Timberwolf Mountain which is quite hilly but manageable.
  10. Ok, I think I was definitely waiting too long before I committed to pulling the trigger. Was just playing and shot I bit earlier like before the wolf started his charge. Out of 3 encounters, all shots were a hit, the last one being a crit. Starting to feel a bit more comfortable with it. Thank you, everyone, for the kind wisdom. Happy trails!
  11. Fair point. I tried using it during a struggle with a wolf and the revolver turns around in your hand and is used as a club. Definitely not a melee weapon, lol. I'll stick with my trusty knife.
  12. I was intending to hunt the wolf, in most cases, it's when I happen to cross their paths like when you crest over a hill and boom, the bugger is on you. I have managed to a deer with it though. Simply get in the path of it, crouched and waited for him to close the distance. Not sure how long it took to bleed out since I have no idea where it was hit but sometime later, I noticed my deer kills had incremented by one. Still trying to find the carcass so I can harvest the meat and hide.
  13. Yeah, the container was ruined when the hacksaw broke. I guess that's how you learn in this game... by your own miserable mistakes
  14. Now that I have a revolver, I tried to use it on a wolf as it makes its stalking approach. Regrettably, I'm not having much success. Is the critical hit chance for a revolver a lot lower than a rifle? When I do resort to using the rifle, it's a kill shot nearly 100% of the time (rifle skill 3 or less). I've tried at least 5 times with a revolver (skill level is 3) and all of them were misses. Is anyone else having any luck? Thanks in advance for any tips or advice.