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  1. My experience so far was with a pack of wolves. I fired a warning shot but that did not scare them. As soon as actually landed a shot on one wolf, they all fled.
  2. So... just to update, I was being a total dope. It was a 'sprain risk' and not an actual sprain. Now the notification is way less annoying. Thanks for pointing that out @Doc Feral!
  3. I believe you are be correct here. I will check later when I play through, my mistake.
  4. I understand that can happen however, I wasn't moving and simply loaded and unloaded items from my pack in a stationary position.
  5. I think this would be a good idea. I do the same when I go wild camping in the woods.
  6. I noticed on my play through today that every time I became encumbered, I would have a sprain. Even stood still. After I removed some items from my pack it would repair. Is anyone else getting this? Apart from this, the sprain system seems to work fairly when I am walking on a slant etc.
  7. Hola amigo! Soy ingles pero llevo 11 meses aprendiendo espanol! Yo pensaba que estaria buen idea para practicar mi espanol aqui. Tu video es muy gracioso.
  8. Hi all! I've had this game for a while now but only really getting into the sandbox mode in the last few months. Just came here to look for tips and join the community!
  9. I mistake a lot of things for wolves at the corner of the screen. I'm always on edge!
  10. I keep receiving notifications of getting a sprain from just walking on the flat. It encumbers me and then after about 10/20 seconds it says the sprain has healed. Doesn't cause other issues than that. Anyone else getting this issue?