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  1. Ok, first off I wanna say I LOVE all the ideas. All of them. But some of them look harder to implement than others. I may be mistaken, since I'm no game dev, but I think Dynamic Environments and Burning Houses (which is kind of a dynamic environment) may be a lot harder to implement since they involve animations and systems that are not yet in the game. As for Campfire Cleanup, that is something I'm sure that almost (if not) all players want. And for the Backpack ideas, I never thought I needed this mechanic, but now that you mentioned it, it's the top 1 thing I want for this game. It would be so convenient, to just drop a backpack on the floor before climbing a mountain, and picking it up later on your way down. I'm sure it's something that would change a lot how we manage weight, and the devs would have to give it a lot of thought, but I'm sure it can be done beautifully.
  2. tommykneip


    I agree 100% with any idea involving new animals or animal skin colors. I'll just use this opportunity to say I'd love to see foxes too, and rare (1% chance?) colored animals for every species!
  3. The very thing that made me fall in love with this game the first time I played was the loneliness and the feeling of isolation. A multiplayer mode would have none of that, and I can see how it would clash with lots of mechanics already in place in the game. How would time-skip work when cooking/crafting/etc on multiplayer? How would player animations work when we're looking at other players? (that would need to be done from scratch since there's no human animations in the game right now) Multiplayer may be a good idea to some people, but there is already plenty of survival games focused on multiplayer, and to add that in TLD would be too much of an effort, and I can't imagine how it could work. If it happens, I will give all my love and support to the hinterland team as always, but I don't think it's a good idea.
  4. I like this idea, I think it adds to realism and maybe it's not that hard to add different textures to the weapons? I may be wrong, but I'm guessing the model itself can be the same and just have different textures with different levels of dirt in it. Anyways, I'm sure this is not a priority for the devs, but it would be cool indeed!
  5. Ok so I JUST came home from work and now it's time to hunt down bears with my trusty revolver. I feel like Canadian Clint Eastwood already! THANK YOU HINTERLAND TEAM! Wow dude, why exactly do you think that *your* opinion should be relevant to *everyone else* again? I'm pretty sure gloves texture in the hands is not a priority, and I don't see how it could work anyways with weapons etc. But this is not the place for suggestions either way, there's a place in the forums for that, and it's not here. Check out the "wishlist" section of the forums.
  6. Yeah that's a good idea for the drawer, would also improve quality of life a lot for crafting. Another thing I thought on this idea is that it could be done by using "slots" on top of the workbench, just like we have cooking slots in fireplaces or stoves, so you put the tools in there. Maybe it's easier to do it this way since the "slots" mechanic is already in the game in some way.
  7. Pay attention to houses. All of them are way bigger on the inside then they are from the outside. I don't see it as a problem, though. If things were scaled bigger in the "overworld" traveling would take a lot longer too, so I see this as a way to balance that and I kinda like it. Edit: Well, kinda looking at it now, this may be the reason wolves are smaller, so they're not about half the size of a house.
  8. tommykneip

    Photo Mode

    The "clock" part of the HUD is still active when turned off (though this may be on purpose) And the same part of the HUD can sometimes be visible when screenshoting with F10. (this is most certainly supposed to happen)
  9. tommykneip

    Photo Mode

    Yeah, and it's cool but I don't like using it because it doesn't show in crafting or passing time. So here's an idea, passing time in any way should bring up the contextual HUD, so you don't actually get starving or thirsty by mistake. Or at least pressing tab should not cancel what you're doing. I'd much prefer a contextual HUD, the only reason my HUD is always on is this.
  10. I think it's different, if you see a wolf with foam in its mouth you can avoid it entirely, or try to kill it to remove the risk, but if there's no indication and it's pure chance, then any wolf struggle can end up with your death. And though you gave the idea as a joke, I think it's a really cool idea, if not made to be too OP. I like the idea that it's untreatable, just like real rabbies, and they actually have already added an untreatable disease, frostbite. It won't kill you, but it will cripple you for the rest of your run, and I'd like to see more afflictions like that.
  11. tommykneip

    Photo Mode

    There's an option to turn the HUD off in the settings, but I'm not sure it works properly since I tried to use it for photos and part of the HUD was still visible. And having to turn it off at settings every time we want to screenshot is something that might disencourage people to take photos. Overall I just think this game is astonishingly beautiful and I know a lot of people would love to take pictures and share them on steam or whatever without the HUD always showing up in the scenery.
  12. tommykneip

    Photo Mode

    F10 saves a secreenshot directly to the desktop. It would be nice and even simpler if we could just just turn off the HUD for steam's screenshot function. Some people like to share photos on steam with their friends. And also, sometimes when I use F10 some parts of the HUD are actually visible in the photo (happens sometimes with the day/night meter part of the HUD) so it has not been fully reliable to me.
  13. I really like all four affliction ideas (including rabies), they may not be very balanced, but they're just suggestions so Hinterland could balance the way they see fit... Fever is my favourite idea out of these, since it makes total sense. You're going for a swim in a VERY cold place, if it were real life you'd catch a hell of a fever. I also think 2 hours is a very small time to recover, maybe increase that. And about rabies, it looks too OP and hard to balance if it's by pure chance... Maybe it's a good idea to have a visual indication that the animal we're facing could transmit rabies (foam in the mouth of a wolf or bear, for example). It also makes it more realistic since it's a small chance that an animal will be infected instead of a small chance of you being infected every time you struggle.
  14. Thank you Hinterland team! I love you three thousand times. Looking forward to playing this update! I in that same spot lol. 400 days into my run and it's the last achievement I need. Well, guess I'll rush with it during the weekend.
  15. This is a great idea, and it doesn't look like something hard to implement. It's something that always bothered me that whenver I placed a campfire, it would be a permanent thing in the landscape.