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  1. Hey Raph, I love the long dark...and I haven't had that much fun (carrying downed survivors in episode 3 with timberwolves chasing you) in a long time! The new additions seem really balanced and exciting. It makes saving bullets and flares that much more crucial, which I thought were in abundance in stalker mode. I absolutely love it! My question/hope is whether or not you could incorporate these NPC's into survival. I've seen a TON of good feedback on the escorting mechanic you added for wintermute and was just wondering if you could PLEASE give us a hint if that's coming to survival mode. I've put 250hrs into the Long Dark and 225 of those are survival :p. Can you give us anything?
  2. Hey there! Keep up the awesome work! I was wondering if you guys would ever add a "side note" when you click on a carcass that let's you know where you hit the animal. (example: "you see that your bullet/arrow hit the wolf in the chest"). Because I know critical hits allow you to kill a wolf for example in the head and sometimes the chest...just curious if you might add that so that we could see if it was a chest shot but a lucky critical! (A bit nit picky, but hey I thought I'd throw it out there). Can't wait for the next survival update! currently playing episode 3!
  3. First off I just have to say (as an interloper/stalker players) I love the Revolver! You did a great job finding that right balance (in my opinion) for where it fits within the weapons already existing, so thanks! Loving it!... My question is whether or not you plan to add a Fuel management system. For example allowing us to actually have Jerry Can's empty and allowing us to pour lantern fuel from one to another. I know it doesn't add weight currently but I think aesthetically it would look a lot better to carry 1 Jerry can with 4L of fuel instead of 3 Jerry Cans and 4 little bottles all semi full lol. Can I hope for any such update/tweak? haha. Thanks!
  4. Are you guys planning to change the stats on the Mackinaw Jacket? I LOVE the jacket in both real life and the game but I find it doesn't offer any unique trait considering how rare it is in the game. I often compare items in the game based off of their weight and the expedition jacket (which is less rare) beats it in weight and every other stat apart from +/- 2 Mobility. I'd love to see the jacket have at LEAST two stats that beat the expedition jacket. Is there any hope for this? They are really tough jackets in real life so maybe durability? (Food for thought: Because the jacket is made out of wool, it would be great for preventing sweating, if you guys ever had an intention of adding "sweat monitoring" to the game...because sweating in the winter can be deadly...and Mackinaw/Merino wool wicks sweat well)