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  1. @kristaok Thanks for the reply. As I mention before, I've completely uninstalled mods and game files before this update. So game was unmodded when I faced with this issue. Anyway, I've found the solution here: Currently radial menu works fine.
  2. I understand and thanks a lot both of you for your replies @ManicManiac and @kristaok . I hope they will get in touch soon. I wanted to make sure if anyone else facing the same issue or it is just me. And of course wanted to try new update asap.
  3. Yep. Also verified local files via Steam twice after the update. Started new game but it's still the same. I've already reported that yesterday but nobody answered yet. I don't know if it's related but here is how I faced with this issue: Installed the game from a backup before the update. Everything was fine and working. Installed some mods. Played a few days then I've removed the game & mods. Yesterday re-installed from a backup. Then updated it via Steam and faced with this issue.
  4. Yes I did. Tried to change and reset to defaults. None worked.
  5. Philos

    Photo Mode

    Turning HUD off is not a problem here. The point of photo mode is that gives you ability to pause current scene and move camera freely and change field of view, camera angle etc.. when you get that perfect spot for shot. Also there is an in-game post-processing application called Reshade which you can apply own filters to the game. Unfortunately, even Reshade not working properly with TLD atm.
  6. Nothing happens when I press the Space key. Also tried with a xbox controller. Other keys working fine but radial menu doesn't show up. Can somebody help me to fix it please?
  7. Philos

    Photo Mode

    A photo mode is really necessary for this beautifully looking game. TLD has a lot of opportunity to take artistic/minimalistic screenshots. A Free roam camera, changing FOV and angle gives unlimited possibility and makes unique almost each screenshots. There are plenty of people like me who takes screenshots from games as a hobby and I think this feature can really help to raise TLD's popularity more. And my personal wish is that please don't implement Nvidia Ansel or any other third-party tools because things gets messy with every update. If you would like to take a look, here you can see some of my screenshots from other games: