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  1. I want you to let know, that there is a great Survivalist Story embedded in the horrorfying story which plays on in Fallout New Vegas. I did not had any connection with the creator, I do not know if I have permission to put the link here, I hope I do. If not go to youtube and search with the words : Honest Hearts 6 Oxhorn (just in case I have to delete the link coming down ) If I may do it, I put the direct link to youtube here (beware of the bloody storyline, nothing for fragile natured people) :
  2. I am at Milton, hunting and on occassion meeting the aurora, one snapshot reminds me the DeLorean from "Back to the Future."
  3. From The Carter Dam Entrance go left to the Ravine I passed this waterfall. It´s beautiful ....
  4. Introduce myself ? my Nickname is pw10a2sal and it derives from my first Phone (serialnumber) i got and the 3 first letters of my real name. I am italian from birth and live in Germany. I got my first contact with TLD through a Gameplay of a early access version in Youtube. It showed the Fluffy in the Carter Dam and the Woman was excited to play this game. I am a Adventure Fan with not a lot patience, I play the beginning over and over again but I never find the time to play the adventures through. I like the later Tex Murphy Adventures and the Magnetic Scrolls Adventures (for example Fish!) as well The Zork Adventures (i.e. Zork Zero) and IF Text Format Adventures. The other Genre I play gladly are the ones created by Paul Woakes, (Mercenary Escape from Targ and the Second City and Damocles) plus I played Midwinter. I have some experience with the Fallout 3 and Fallout Nevada Games, as well the Fallout 4 Game. But all the Zombies and the andrenalin pushing atmosphere is not my thing, I tried Far Cry but they were to bloody for me. So, I was very happy to find The Long Dark, and I bought Subnautica as well. I play Euro Truck Simulator 2 as well. Needless to say I have a lot of Computer Gaming experience on my 40+ years back. The best Youtubers which helped me with TLD are/were = The Lone Gamer and Moira van Cartier and Geltaz. I have the Linux Versions, The Windows Versions from GOG and the STEAM version as well. I play mostly on Windows 7 on an HP 455 Probook a Quadcore with a lowend AMD R5 graphics card. But TLD never made any problems. I use trackballs always. And I do not wanna miss them ever. It was sad that TLD was removed from the actual listing of GOG, but it was predictable, since GOG was bought in part by Disney (only a few rights of the LucasArts Adventures) and joint forces with Steam to update with online service their games. I do not like this practice and I am not very prone to go online for purpose of chatting or something like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp. I like the apokalypse stance of GOG, but it wasn´t the motive why I bought this game. It was the sandbox, and the statistics at the end which attracted me the most. The graphics were okay but I wasn´t interested very much in them as you can tell if you look what games I play before :-) . But it was amazing to stay in a blizzard at daylight and do not know where I was and its still is very amazing. And I hope the sounds inside a cabin become all the way more a hint to the weather is outside. It improved very much from the Early Access Versions to the V1.47. I consider the best Version 1.29. Which does not mean that I do not play V1.47. Au contrair! I love the interaction with the animials (real and animated) And I would love to find some animals which aren´t openly hostile. My Weapons are a Rifle or better a Bow, but mostly I try to scare them away with the Emergency Pistol. And try to make through the areas safe and sound. I love the bunkers you put in the story mode and I love the shelters which are made from sticks and cloth. (Great Idea !) As you can tell I am foremost a single player and I do not mind to stay in front of the monitor for hours till night or morning if the game is good and stable. Well, I think I stop writing now before I do too much grammar errors and let you read this essay about me. Sorry its so long. Thanks for the quiet apocalypse and go on with the good work. P.S.: Before You ask I played Firewatch as well....
  5. Grazie di aver tradotto The Long Dark in italiano su Steam e Gog. So scrivere in inglese e tedesco e italiano. Ma sono molto contento di aver trovato la lingua italiana nel gioco.
  6. Forlorn Muskeg is only good if you stay on the railroads all the way. You can find a furnace in Broken Railroad more easly and best of all you are under a roof there! But Broken Railroad is a nice labyrint some times, I got maps from steam that help, though a bit old, are always a help. 😉
  7. open your Start Menu in Win 7 and insert in the search dialog at the bottom %appdata% (with the percent signs as shown) and then you land in a Folder named "Roaming" get one folder back and you find the folders Local, Locallow (with Hinterland folder in it) and Roaming. Hinterland/The Long Dark Folders have your savegames and the output_log.txt file. Update: LocalLow/Hinterland/The Long Dark Folder has your output_log_txt file and Local/Hinterland/TheLongDark has your savegames. The %appdata% works in Win XP/Win 7/ Win 8.1 and Win 10 as well. Just unhide the hidden folders as told you by the support team.
  8. pw10a2sal


    LOL of course you have to go in contest with predators there is no choice. What I am saying is just "Why go the hard way, if you can go a lesser dangerous way ?" I take pacifist as a compliment, because there are worse things than Peace. That´s a truism. (but enough of philosophy) I would take snowshoes to keep my boots and socks dry gladly. Especially after a day of walk and heavy soaked leather. Doing whatever you want. Your feet are the most important part of the body what movement involves, look at the paws of a wolf for example its build like our hands, our feet aren´t, they are slim and their toes are all in front. Therefore more incline to go deep into the snow, if you would have a hand shaped feet, it would stay longer on the upside of the snow. Boots are shaped the same form. Snowshoes aren´t. And I think you CAN arrive at a target in more than one way. You can use Moose hide, deer hide, wire, or ropes. Or you can even combine all of that to Reach your target, which is more traction, dry feet, safer walking and lesser danger of injuries. Of course there is a backside, you are open for an attack by a wolf pack, open for an attack by a bear and you cannot hunt successfully with those bulky shoes. (Or maybe you can, with a lot of luck). These shoes aren´t meant for hunting, for quick movements. That´s why they have to be light, you wear them when you need them, when you do something else you can unwear them. Nobody says to wear them all the time. Thats why you at the end have boots tied to the snowshoes. You can quickly untie them and do whatever you want with your boots still dry.
  9. pw10a2sal


    Quote: Its a game, not a realistic simulator, I don't see why it would have to be so overly complicated. And I do believe that anything that increases the movement speed of the player is something that would have a massive impact on the game. Don't really see much value in keeping boots & socks more dry, but on top of the other things, why not.I really dont think it is necessary to "take the time away" when entering the buildings with snowshoes on, every other clothing type doesnt take time when you put them on and off. For all intent and purposes, you could enter indoors with snowhoes equipped, I think a general player is intelligent enough to understand that the survivor would take the snowshoes of when going inside End Quote True. And more dry boots and socks, mean a better posture when walking and more stamina and wider you can walk and carry. The speed of your steps would decrease because after a while the snow sticks together on the bigger surface, but on the other hand you are not likely to sink in deep snow and you cannot slip on ice with snow shoes, and therefore you can avoid injury at the feet. (this isn´t realy implemented wholy in the game for example you cannot slip on ice but was worth mentioning imho) By the way: I love that picture of the wooden snowshoes. I think ropes are the better crafing material
  10. pw10a2sal


    My oppinion is, more modern shoes are too complicated to repair or to craft even. The traditional, old-fashioned type of shoe is easier to mantain and repair. A leather hide is useful to keep the shoe longer in use. IMHO I would still prefer a wire, because a) I do not have kill any animal for that b) the materials are in locations where predators are rare Examples: Maple trees are under the bridge near the carter dam, wire are near any human build construction which predators normally avoid unless there is food to get. And you can get them when the wolves stay in their caves or safe places during a icy storm. A moose is very rare to get, and therefore the shoes are bound for lesser territories than the wires. And you have to kill it. Not nice. Eskimos for example are used to hunt never alone, because of the danger. Have to respect a natural relationship in face of the danger involved when you do things. Predators never fight to the death if they are faced with a liveform which their istinct says is equally or stronger than themselves. Normally they try smaller animals and ignore bigger ones if they are not forced to approach them. I hate to see this game evolve into a shoot to survive thing. Even in the antartic or greenland, scientists never carry arms with them to make their research. Violence wouldn´t fit in the Hinterland policy I think, neither in my "policy".
  11. I decided to begin with the classics. Mystery Lake. I started a new survival, I did go from the Carter Dam to the Lake Camp and then to Trapper Cabin. Normally I do not make screenshots, but I make an exception because I am new in this forum. Perfect Weather. P.S.: I am sure you consider this to places your home 😉
  12. pw10a2sal


    I always think of Snowshoes, when Will is slowing down because of a little Hill, perhaps you take as example that little downhill when leaving the trappers cabin in direction to the tunnel which leads to Forlorn Muskeg. I always try to transport things from trappers cabin to the mystery lake house. Back and forth. I see myself going easier, when transporting fish to trappers cabin and metal from the dam to trappers cabin. You might say, "why not stop at the lookout house, and make you hq there ?", To far and steep to transport heavy flesh from Mystery Lake or other areas. I prefer really something like trappers cabin, because there aren´t so many wolves as at Mystery Lake House, which always hunt me in my dreams. And for real... LoL (Maybe I should put some Pics down here. I put´em into the screenshots section if I got time.)
  13. pw10a2sal


    The sled is only great on lakes, or the parts covered with snow, the icy roads are not good for a sled and the thing with fallen trees, the sled should be taken around them, which prolongs the staying in the cold and our Hero would suffer soon Hypertermia. True is also what you write about the predators if there is some flesh on the sled, I thought to use sled only to get material faster from A to B, but the wolves are always a problem if you play in the "Stalker" and more difficult Modes, you are right there. Not to mention about the hills, a heavy sled is only good if your hero is healty and has some traction under his feet which are worth mentioning. For example if the snowshoes are deteriorated, they could break, spraining your wrist, our Hero falling down and get bruises plus the sled should gain momentum and falling the hill down. That would be a major coding problem, since the whole unity programm has foremost static objects in the game. You are right there. Maybe a sled is not a good idea.
  14. pw10a2sal


    It seems that, you thought about this item more than I did. And thanks for the welcome. I try to answer your questions, bit by bit. I never wore them, so, the thing is, I would just welcome the snowshoes in any shape or form. But now my personal two cents about your questions. - what would be the weight of snowshoes as an item? The Item would weigh about 2 kg per each feet. Much more if they are made out of wood and guts or ropes. Because the guts cannot be as strong as wire at equal weight, so the weight for a guts piece has to go only up. - Would they be classified as boots, or as Accessories? definitly as Accessories, and the guts could tie them at the workboots or any other bootlike item. - what would you suggest as a crafting recipe? As you suggested, two maple pieces cutted and cured and some guts (better would be nails though) also cured and a piece of wire cutted by the wirecutter out of the fences in the mentioned areas. - How many hours to finish the crafting? I myself tried to make out of wire, some protection for my bycicle carriage, and with the right tools (quality tools for example) and gloves, I needed for 2 meters of protection 5 to 6 hours. To assemble it to the wood I would take more than 1 day, if Will is very tired, it could take a week. But the devs could leave some of them anywhere around, ready for use, although that could be unlikely because of rust and the danger to become injured by handling rusty wires. Not to mention that rope or guts piece could deteriorate much faster when in use. - Can they be repaired, and how? if the wood is fine, the guts could be replaced and the wire or the other guts should be replaced, if the wood isn´t fine, you should replace that as well, and that involves searching the maple trees which could take a long time and a lot of danger (wolfes).  - Also, if the snowshoes were equipped, what would they do for the player? Snowshoes in general give you traction in the wire example, in the guts example, they give you a better stability when walking as well but they would make Will very tired after a while, which exposes our hero at attacks of wolves. - Increase walking speed? No way they increase walking speed, they increase just on plain surface the traction which with each step gives Will less effort to walk and in stormy weather, he can stay more upright than without, but that would be all. There would no chance to run with any snowshoe. It just saves strength. Which in turn could be serve to carry more. - Quote "I don't think the "wire" is necessary because it is not an item in the game yet. Instead, I think you could create the "netting" by using cured guts and the frame would be made out of two "green" maple saplings. Lots of cured guts. Many primitive snowshoe designs used ropes instead of wires." End Quote Your ropes would have to be made out of a climbing cord by cutting the rope in half or a quarter or untie the ropes cords using a sewing kit ( in this case you need a scissor which unties the cord, I have to explain how i immagine a cord here: a climbing cord is 5 kg heavy, that implies that more than one cord is twined togheter, conclusion: I have to untwin the cord to get smaller versions of the cord, which in turn ties the guts or ropes toghether with the maple wood.) Sorry if my English is at some point not understandable. As I heared already from you, other people thought about at it as well, I would accept them in any shape or form. If I forgot something, I try to answer. But I do not want to make the "Know_it_all"-Guy here. I just thought: "If it is a canadian invention, why isn´it it there ?" I understand that additional coding is necessary, but that´s anyway needed if the devs want to add this item at the end. If not, well, c´est la vie.
  15. pw10a2sal


    It´s my first post in this community, so I give you a quick summary of my relation to "The Long Dark". I play it since the early access version, which was sold in I have this idea which I would like to share. Maybe you like it and could implement it in the game. I am writing from Germany and I tried to find a good source to be convincing whoever is reading this. So the best source I could come up with is, wikipedia. I found a german page which I translated with the help of google translator. Here is the link. I think the early snowshoes reseambling a tennis racket could be even crafted with the materials used for the bow, and for a wire piece from Broken Railroad, Desolation Point and even Mistery Lake. Needless to say, I never used them, but since its even a canadian invention, this should be a must in the game. I hope the game devlops further in the spirit in which it was created, and does not turn in a shooter or worse. A fan. P.S.: why isn´t there any rudimentary sled possible ? Put togheter with the snow shoes, it would be like traveling in the antartica. I´ve seen this on documentaries. I love the style of this game and I purchased it on steam, too. For my PC. I spread the word to a few people. I will not go on facebook or twitter or other social platforms, you will not find me there. Just as information. I have a little non-commercial channel on youtube, but that´s all I have to offer, except my ideas. My compliments to the developers for this great unique game. I love it the way it has gone until now. Great Job Hinterland !!! Yours faithfully.