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  1. I personally would think the accelerate should behave like the lamp oil by having certain amount of ounces. And each time you find an accelerate it comes with random values of ounces of liquid inside. I never liked the way it behaves now. You'd loose a bit of liquid each time you choose to use it to help start a fire. When its empty it would normally dissapear from the inventory
  2. Well It's been almost successful except I could not find 15 days worth of food, 10 rifle bullets. Last few days have been a cold hell. I haven't got a clue why the heck I found 38 revolver bullets and no revolver and hardly any rifle ammo. Coastal Highway Is certainly extremely challenging for this but I would of preferred a house basement not a gas station for this because being underground it is more likely to survive a cat5 blizzard whereas a gas station may not. It's all fun and games until the last week sets upon you, then you know you've been slacking off when your food supply has not even reached it's minimums
  3. it is a heat source, XD Warmth gained, would be limited to just +1 and could never exceed that
  4. Seen the potential in the introduction of portable gas cookers. They last awhile and you can cook small amount of food there (most likely the value of a tin can). So water would be .50L ability as well. These are part of every emergency kit for Arctic exploration teams for example. I suppose the usual suspects here would object this as well? The downside is the weight obviously. They can be deployed anywhere at any time as long as you have a gas canister.
  5. I'm just thinking why not use a bit of water to boil a variety of meats to reduce the thirst need increasing by 1 point at a time. I had a very satisfying meal of black bear meat with over 900 calorie intake and a speedy recovery from hunger but then the need for thirst skyrockets by 3 points. Surely we can offer a tiny bit of relief for our thirst.
  6. This game works in mysterious ways! I was just at one of the log cabins with no food and 3 small rabbits and the big bear showed up. Rigth there in front of that tree. He got on his paws, charged and then I carefully aimed my rifle and 1 bullet took it down! thats 39kg of meat! i don't belive this.....now I'm trying to hawl 2 big sacks of meat to the garage before it rots away for good.
  7. At the very momment I was fortunate to get a hatchet and knife to collect decent wood. The rifle has been cleaned as I found a cleaning kit in the abandoned lookout tower. Currently I have 6 rifle bullets to help me out. A deer helps me survive for another 3 days but not add food to the stockpile for the big whiteout. Would you reccomend me leaving Coastal Highway to try my luck on the next part of the map? I am feeling doubtfull about anymore food supply to add. Meat from fish and animals must be eaten otherwise it will go bad.
  8. I want to make notes on the map on where I've been or about the buildings i have been to already, where I saw a wolf last. It makes the game experience better
  9. I've been working on this challenge for awhile and I got just under 4 days worth of food. I've done some decent exploration of the Coastal highway but now I have a problem. I don't seem to be able to find more canned food, etc. I've been hunting deer to the last bullet in the rifle but I haven't found the revolver yet. Haven't been to all the places in Coastal highway, tho would say most.
  10. Some model improvements for the .303 rifle. It should have a slight otherwise it makes no sense when its not carried in the hands. Also there is a model glitch when you reload it (has 0 bullets) a bullet is seen in the magazine. Is it meant to be there?
  11. I do believe the crates should give out more reclaimed wood. Currently only 1. I would say about 4 pieces at least or if you are really good 5 pieces. I don't think 1 piece makes any sense at all.
  12. It's a very quiet place, withouth any of these quakes mentined by alot of the characters, maybe some sort of quake activity would be intresting to experience, alot like the lights in the sky.
  13. I think during the Wintermute i'd like to think the knowlege to make a snow shelter sooner in game would be better as the beggining of the game, episode 2 the latest would be where you are "stettleing in". Tho I 've seen most new skills and craft recepies are done though books which is great, if this is the case how do I learn about the snow shelter? *edit aren't you meant to unlock the snow shelther through Jeremaiah? I am at the point where I have to leave to find the spear and no further conversations can be started with him.
  14. I'd like to wish for more advancements with the storm latern. Introduction of wick replacement, light dimmer and possibly longer lasting light depending on how strong you have the flame. Wicks should be easy to find, mostly inside drawers, plentifull. How long do wicks last, I am not sure but they should have a good lifetime so we don't get too depressed about it. Running the lantern on a dimmer light setting could prevent chewing up of lantern fuel but then light is dimmed resulting in less light and heat. Poor lantern oil may cause poor flame which would not give much light by default. I do belive this lantern should have about 20 hours burn time on a full take. Longer burn time would be great either way.A shop sell a pack of 6 wick packet, thats probably what you'd find
  15. I feel that the accelerant cannister's mechanics and purpouse should be reviewed. Currently you use 1 cannister of accelerant each time you want to start a fire quicker. In reality this isn't the case. You use use a bit of it but not all of it. Also would like to have it so its like the lamp oil cannister, you'd get a volume of liquid inside, quality of the item and liquid, when starting a fire you'd see somehting like 0.25mls of accelerant used (depending if its a stove, camp fire which will be automatically calculated by the game) , the mechanic is the same as when you add snow to melt away in the recycled can. When liquid inside the accelerant cannister is gone it simply dissapears from the inventory.