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  1. Oh thanks for the info! Never heard about Scruffy, only about Fluffy 😅 I'll be staying on my guard then! Thanks!
  2. I was in desolation point, about to enter the last explorable cave before the broken bridge, the one on the side of the road. I was about to enter the cave when a wolf attacked me; I managed to survive, even with a not-so-small loss of condition, leaving that wolf to run away; at least, that's what I thought. Well, I decided to enter the cave and started exploring it while equipping a flare. I thought: I'm in the cave now, what could go wrong? I Continued exploring, took that path that leads you higher to that corpse with the rifle near him. Well, I got the rifle, switched back to the flare, searched the body, turned back facing the path I came from... and the wolf was there, 1 meter from me. I didn't survive that. Now I wonder: from a game mechanics perspective, that wolf was already in the cave / spawned there, or it could possible have followed me from outside to inside the cave? What's the possible game behaviour?
  3. Thanks very much for your reply! Do you have a code for custom settings to share by any chance?
  4. Hi everybody! I've been playing TLD for a few months, mostly wintermute mode. I'd like to try a survival experience with the most realistic custom setting. I've found some on the net, but I discovered only later that the predators behaviour was waaay to "easy", with wolves (even packs), bears and mooses ALWAYS running away, even during aurora! That is making the game way too easy. Unfortunately I can't find again that code to use it as base and tweak it. I'd like to hear from you guys, if you have any custom settings to share I'd be grateful. Cheers and stay safe out there in the cold!