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  1. I just want to touch a little bit on the claim that "it is also frustrating to see that new Things get added to the game that make it easier, but since a couple of years basically Nothing has been added to make it more challenging" In my few hours so far with the update I actually see it as being more challenging and fun with the addition of the revolver the sprain system and the weapon sway. Lets start with the obvious: Revolver: Very Helpful in scaring off wolves but wolves seem to be more aggressive and willing to start running towards me from farther away. I could be wrong but I imagine they increased the Wolf detection range to make killing with the revolver harder. This is an effect to the game that cannot understate it's value added to the game. This game now feels a little more like PlayerVSWildlife rather than PlayerVSTime. This could be because of my increased willingness to deal with wolves now that I have a revolver but it seems the wolves are harder to deal with than when I played a couple of weeks ago. Weapon sway: Hitting shots with the rifle was incredibly difficult to begin the day leading to my death of a bear because of multiple missed shots. The removal of the 'learnable' weapon sway was a good choice because it no longer makes things easier the more you play. This is similar to the system of the added benefits of Coffee or Tea, you can no longer drink 95% and get the same benefit from the other 5% that you could previously. Sprain system: This is another system to the game that adds difficulty to the game, now shortcuts especially when you are over-encumbered is more of a risk and pain meds and bandages have a bigger purpose. While I agree with some of the points you made and I too as a long term player want to see more important things added to the game, But please play the update I think It could change your relationship with multiple systems in the game. I personally have found myself more at war with the wildlife than before. I also believe that adding ways to protect yourself gives hinterland the ability to present more dangers. I really hope more fluffy's can make a return now that you could kill him easily inside of any cave they stick him in. I understand the hope for more custom options and such but you also have to understand that the story mode is incredibly handcuffing. They have to finish that and keep survival going at the same time so I wouldn't be too surprised to see some features not make it over immediately.
  2. Love the new Update, now I wonder if you are seeing a glaring need for a function of the game to be able to use both hands at once. Example: Torch in one hand revolver in the other? or does that not fit the game style that the revolver was supposed to add? Could you possibly explain if that is something that is possible for the game?
  3. Hey just wanted to say I've been playing this game since very early in its development and its been a blast watching this game grow. It's nice to see developers working hard and being honest. (cough, cough, fallout 76) I have bought the game on both my computer, early in development and now, the PS4 and I would like to say that apart from a few glitches (falling through the ice) this game plays very well on both systems without a feeling of a 'need of a mouse' when I am in the inventory screen. I've had many questions about this game but I'll stick to two since you are doing a double batch. Why can't I use lines with reclaimed wood to create snares? This has always confused me because it looks like a line attached to wood. I could see it being because the gut is supposed to attract the rabbit in some way? Is it a gameplay issue that you don't want people creating 2 snares off of every gut? Do you guys market the game/try to get it more exposure with every release of Wintermute? I feel as if this game doesn't get nearly the amount of praise it deserves and every time I mention it to a friend looking for a new survival game they seem to never have herd of TLD. I know obviously you market the game and running ads are very expensive but do you find it hard to get press about a game that was released years ago but yet gets massively better every year? Thanks again for the sweet game and hard work. P.S: Backpack from Andrew Jackson Jihad would be an awesome song for a trailer.