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  1. Mroz4k How rude you are, and ironically so much more than in the way my response was written. Is this the kind of way that people in this community typically post ? 😬 I guess the amount of posts here determines how much someone knows about the game. A first time poster surely knows nothing about the game. They couldn't have been playing the game for many years or for hundreds of hours. Their ideas should be criticised, dismissed and closed down. Most importantly, don't forget to slowly patronise them with super-lengthy written comments that are off topic. Tells me all I need to know, thanks. I'll avoid these forums from now on.
  2. At day 196 I have had 6 wolf struggles. I've killed 128 wolves and probably avoided 20 times that amount. Some times a wolf just surprises you on certain choke points on certain maps. 6 is not too bad though. You go on at length trying to teach me how to interact with wolves. I think I had learned this by about day 20 of my first game of survival. I especially love the bit where you say, I need a weapon. I mean really ? Day 196 and I'm complaining about lack of items and content and you think I wouldn't know all this. Lol. I have all the items, many times over. Your logic around goals in strange. Don't add any more crafting / items in because its pointless as people will just get bored after finishing those. Well on that basis, why have any items at all. Why even a game ? This thread was started to suggest some ideas for new items to keep goals in the game and ensure it remains interesting. Not to talk about difficulty preferences. Not to tell me I'm narrow minded for having an opinion. So most of the feats achieved. Most of the challenges done. All regions looted. I guess there is nothing left to do other than play again on increased difficulty - YAWN.
  3. I am playing voyager. I disagree that playing a harder level will make the game more interesting. It just means I’ll be dying more. I want things to work towards not to be punished by wolves. Losing clothing and condition is a regular occurrence in voyager already from wolves. I can play at that [stalker] level but it isn’t enjoyable.
  4. Thanks for the comments. Not saying my ideas are great. I just want some more things to be able to achieve and keep me interested. Survival is a breeze at day 196. In terms of containers - see the below picture - I currently store stuff at each main area location on the floor and in cabinets. The below example is a sample of stuff in gas station coastal highway. I have several locations similar, like mystery lake, pleasant, desolation and broken railroad to keep it interesting. Good point about water catchers and no rain - doh ! I understand about bait. You couldn't get to day 196 without gut drops 😉 I mean a better form of bait with a wider range than gut. Maybe some new resources in the game and some simple crafting would just help keep interest while I await episode 3 🙂
  5. I Love this game. Can I just say how rewarding this game is to play. A breath of fresh air. I have a game atm with about 196 days survived. Have not played for about 6 months. I've simply run out of things to achieve other than keep surviving another day. I am well set up on coastal highway. Spare everything. All best gear, resources stockpiled and spares made 🙂 I would just love it if there were some more tems to try to work towards. Would help keep interest in the game. Here's just some thoughts: 1. Some additional clothing items crafted from bear / elk skins 2. A better bow or better arrows 3. Craftable bait to attract predators 4. Baitable traps for wolves and bears, spike trap pit trap etc 5. The ability to craft new amunition from spent catridges 6. water catchers 7. craftable placeable containers, log rack, skin rack, box etc There are so many possibilites, which could require gathering / farming to achieve. This would keep you busy when you've got comfortable.