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  1. They should add shovels into the game. Just so we could like dig up possible buried supplies or something.
  2. I looked all around the mystery lake rangers cabin and not once have i found it. I had made 5 different saves and still, it is not showing up. What. The. Heck. Why is it not showing up?????!!?!?
  3. Private servers, you could only have your friends in them. No public lobby’s
  4. Aw, why you run away, all he wants is a big bear hug
  5. In the sandbox mode and/or survival mode, you guys should add co-op. I have a large amount of supplies but no one to share them with. I need help transporting the supplies to places because it makes me over burdened. The servers could be private servers for friends. Or maybe a few open servers, but who knows. but please add multiplayer