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  1. Looking forward to any news on the possible film. Perfectly understandable delay. 2020 was a lot. Take your time, folks. I know you'll do it right.
  2. I was crafting a pair of deerskin pants that I didn't even need in the barn by that farm. Blizzard swept in, but I had a fire going in the barrel. The barrel fire didn't last as long as the crafting session and I thought I'd be fine with my current gear. My overconfidence let me ignore the red in my temperature indicator. Just adding my 950 day survivor to the official kill count and warning other players against that fate. Good times.
  3. Black Rock's weather is no joke. When it's blizzarding, get inside and get near a fire. Don't be overconfident. Thanks, Hinterland! This is a stellar update!
  4. Thanks. Bless you for working so hard on this game.
  5. I would like to explain a few of my choices on the survey. -I ranked the board game option high because that sounds like a great way to cover awkward silences on backpacking/ camping trips with my bros. Please make sure a magnetized/miniaturized/travel version is available. -I also ranked CO-OP STANDALONE very high. I was defensive to nerds who were trying to make TLD into RUST in the past because I wanted the hinterfolk to focus on refining the single-player experience. But Survival Mode with a pal would be really nice. They could make that an entirely different development branch
  6. The game (survival mode) isn't about making a home. It's about survival. A random path of implied escape that leads to my death is better than sleeping to my death. Let me die fighting!
  7. Nah. The only way is forward. Once you exit a zone it is in the past. Earthquakes and Auroras and stuff broke it. Tough world, but that's the game we play. Keep in mind, any new zone might well have better loot than what you have on you.... but what are you willing to drop if the next transition requires you to climb? I hasten to point out that Raph DID NOT announce this as any official gametype. He casually mentioned the idea in a Milton Mailbox a few months back and my imagination has run with it.. I do not work at Hinterland and I am not authorized, qualified or capable of speaking fo
  8. Raph did float this great idea one time about following an endless train track with randomly selected premade zones that had randomly generated loot, wildlife, flora, weather, and structures as an alternate game mode and the game would just generate more as long as you can keep going. IMHO, that gametype would fit perfectly with this game. That would fit under the "randomly generated" banner, right? That doesn't sound bad to me as long as there are enough different zones.
  9. I am sad that tea and other warmable food items now lose their "hot" status and suddenly become "cold" even though they are sitting next to a raging fire.
  10. My work schedule wasn't conducive to my participation this year. Damn the fact that its a badge I'll never have! I suppose I can beg for scraps
  11. Dear Raph, Congratulations on Episode 3. Not only is it probably my favorite story episode yet, this update was also a nice sprucing up of things. I quite like the new flora and fauna assets and the new sounds, as well as the new items and gameplay mechanics- my favorite being the rescue of the survivors from the airliner crash. Carrying someone who's helpless gives the mission a real sense of urgency. My question is: Were you nervous about making the survivor rescue missions considering the sometimes unfriendly reactions to "escort missions" in other games?
  12. Firstly, congrats on the 5 years! I for one am very happy to see Hinterland still defying death in such an inhospitable environment. Folks of my own heart, to be honest. :birthday kiss: MMWAH! Now the question: With the dawn of the Episode 3 update, what changes are happening to the survival maps? I have a lot of stuff in Pleasant Valley and I need to know ASAP what areas might get an inventory deletion with any map changes.... please, dude. Just tell me which areas are getting "thanosed". You mentioned before that you prefer to give us a bit of heads-up if things change, so plea
  13. Sorry to bother you with this here, but I didn't see a way to ask this question at the store: Are the mugs you have for sale proper metal/ceramic camping mugs? There is a big "DO NOT MICROWAVE" message on all the mugs, so that tells me there is some metal content... as proper camping cups are made of metal, then dipped in ceramic glaze and fired in a kiln. This would explain the (reasonably) high price. Still, camping is a rare treat for me, so is an "office" (re: microwavable) version of the Hinterland mug a possibility? Perhaps a mug similar to the Survival First Aid mugs we see in
  14. Any chance of having more variety in the frozen corpses? I know this is grim, but most of the frozen corpses I find in game seem well clothed. Shouldn't their lack of protection be evident? How did they die if not from a lack of protection from the elements? If it was starvation, then I certainly shouldn't find cans of food near them. It makes sense in the wild (poor lad was pushing himself too far). And why no female corpses? There is a million ways and a million reasons someone can "fade into the Long Dark"... Can't you get your artists to make a few more corpses that tell stories about th
  15. That is really well done. Lots of detail and heart on display. Kind of gets my indy filmmaker juices flowing again. (Alas, I live down south- so a lack of snow would shut down production indefinitely). Is this related to the possible film we've heard of or is this it's own wonderful thing?