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  1. Intro of the game is pure silence. Menu sounds are muffled and quiet. Music is severely quieter than everything else in-game. Wolves sound painfully loud and close no matter where they are. The wolf encounter music is now just "Despair" on loop. Drinking water no longer plays sound. I assume this is a result of me playing with voices at 0% and it was lumped into that for some reason. A lot of this has very little effect on gameplay, but The Long Dark was always a comfort game for me, and with all these changes, I feel more and more uncomfortable playing this game
  2. I see. I was assuming I had to go to the barn from survival mode. I also had no idea what blizzard lines were and assumed it was a different name for power lines, which seems kind of silly in hindsight.
  3. Yes. Regardless, condition loss is at a fixed rate based on your unfulfilled needs. Here is a video of it:
  4. I'm trying to get to Molly's barn by following the lines as instructed. When I begin freezing, my condition starts dropping at astronomically fast levels, which is unheard of for this game. It drops so fast that I don't have time to get to the barn without dying. Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. Yes, of course there's a workaround but that's not the point. It would be NICE if it showed the effective remaining time and of COURSE I can live without it, but if you're going to show the duration of the fire (which is a good thing), it may as well be accurate. It'd be like arguing that the calories displayed on food items would be fine just showing the base value instead of the value gained from having higher levels in cooking--sure, you could just get a calculator out and add the extra 10% or 25% but no one actually wants to do that.
  6. No, it just makes me waste firewood. There's nothing intense about that.
  7. When making a fire outdoors, the fire lasts longer. However, the base timer is shown and it simply decreases slower than normal, making it hard to track how long it will last. It would be nice if the displayed duration was the EFFECTIVE time remaining based on modifiers instead of the base time.
  8. The problem is cooking takes painfully long to level, even when cooking smaller portions. If they are worried about breaking the level progression, making cooking level by time or calories would fix this. You could normalize level progression by making the new system be as efficient as doing the cheese method of harvesting and cooking smaller portions so no one has to go through the tedium and it would still take quite a while to reach level 5. I agree that player choice exists, but for those who don't want to have to worry about either cheating the system or cheating themselves, th
  9. I agree with this. Sprains can be instantly treated with a bandage (does that even make sense?) and painkillers are essentially worthless now outside of the occasional moose trampling. I was fine with sprains requiring rest to treat and that made more sense to me, though I'm not the biggest fan of the randomized sprain system in general.
  10. Title says it all. I hate that the best way to level cooking is to harvest tiny bits of meat off animals, cook it and then subsequently having to eat it all one piece at a time. It would be nice if it leveled like carcass harvesting instead so we could just harvest, cook and eat all the meat in one go per action.
  11. I love Milton but it feels like a death trap. I like using the workbench at the farmhouse for my crafting needs to ward off cabin fever. I like the cave behind Grey Mother's house that's right by a rabbit grove. It seems like a great place to go after you've made your improvised tools to advance, but the wolves ruin it. They have so many places to hide and there are so many chokepoints where I just get jumped. I have no idea how to deal with it. Has anyone lived in Milton for an extensive period of time on Interloper? It's pretty much the only place in the game I'd like to live in.
  12. I feel like I get sprains at the very beginning of a run more often than later for some reason. I'd be perfectly okay with sprains ONLY happening when over-encumbered, as the new affliction warning suggets. At least that way you don't have random sprains when just starting out.
  13. I'm talking about when they're nearby but they sound like they're RIGHT next to you. They sound a lot closer than they are.
  14. The audio balancing for wolves is very odd now. They sound so loud even when they're not that close. I suppose this is useful for when they're far away but when they're close it always feels like they're right behind me.
  15. I like how cabin fever makes me think about how I use my time which is good for a game like this. It makes you have to spend more time in the wilds instead of the comfort of your own home.